Butterfly Memories

I was reading Theresa Barker’s blog today and was reminded of an experience from 2013 with my husband Vic in Niagara Falls, Canada. I had my camera with me and took tons of pictures but I soon found myself immersed in the sheer joy of the experience. There was the sound of water trickling from the waterfalls I found very relaxing. The butterflies fluttered around us made me wonder who was really the observer. These are a few pictures from the Butterfly Conservatory. I was impressed with how many different varieties and how social they are with each other and with us.

If you’re interested in more check out Theresa’s poem and information about butterflies.   https://theresabarkerlabnotes.com/2017/03/07/butterfly-meditation/




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7 thoughts on “Butterfly Memories

  1. “The butterflies fluttered around us made me wonder who was really the observer. ” – loved this, Lyn! Wow. I did not even think about that when I was watching these butterflies last weekend. The image of the plate with butterflies is astonishing. They had suspended small round sponges with butterfly-nectar or sugar in the Houston center, and they also had one small tree (a Norfolk Island Pine) that was periodically spritzed with a sugar solution to attract the butterflies. Thank you!


  2. Theresa, I have separate external hard drives for pictures for each year, I knew what year and month so it was relatively easy to find them. I have 4 500gig hard drives full and have just started my 5th. I take too many pictures and can’t bring myself to delete any. It’s a good thing they aren’t in film, I would need two jobs to pay to have them developed.

    When I was there strolling through my pictures, there is also a small butterfly house at the Bronx Zoo with a nice selection of butterflies we also saw in 2013.


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