Roles of a Writer: The Manager

Initially, I squawked about setting deadlines for myself but I soon discovered I was writing less and letting distractions overwhelm me. Deadlines are the necessary evil to being the best we can be as a writer. Grab your calendar and set them now, you’ll become a more productive writer.

Writings By Ender

The first part of this series focused on the laborer role of a writer. The laborer can best be summarized as getting the work done and trying to do it effectively. There is more to writing than completing tasks, so today will focus on one of the most important non-writing roles: Management.

The Manager

When I use manager here picture the best boss you’ve ever had, not your run-of-the-mill manager who is, frankly, forgettable. It is the roles of an effective manager that a writer should be interested in. The manager oversees the work and sets goals for the laborer to achieve, the manager realizes that resources are finite and must be watched closely, and he/she ensures projects are completed on time.


No matter the level of writer you might be I recommend setting a deadline for your project. It is good practice for the real world of…

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