Weave a tale about a September sunset



Sunset_in_CoquitlamI have a possible explanation
for this magical occurrence.
The romantic in me says
that sneaky Sun God
bestowed Mother Nature
with a fiery kiss
on this quiet September eve.
Her ruddy glow caressed
the majestic treetops
surrounding the lake.
before slipping away into
Autumn’s tempting darkness.
The corn moon sighed in despair
another stolen moment missed
with Mother Nature because
he was helping the natives
prepare for the winter ahead.©


This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

Chad Teer from Coquitlam, Canada

3 thoughts on “Weave a tale about a September sunset

  1. Ditto, love this! ah, the lines “that sneaky Sun God/bestowed Mother Nature/with a fiery kiss” – what an original image for the orange-red of a bright sunset. And that little twist at the end about the Corn Moon. So fun! Thanks, Lyn!

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