letter-c Day 9

Yesterday, when I shared my progress on my shawl on Facebook, I was reminded of an Irish custom to leave a mistake so my soul could escape if needed. I hadn’t heard that applied in crochet but I had in quilting. Nothing to worry about when it comes to my crocheting, I have never crocheted anything without at least one dropped stitch somewhere. Perfection, isn’t my normal. Subconsciously, I believe I’m a born objector in an ordinary world.

Dinner, last night came out exceptional. I tried a recipe shared by Crafty Morning. Three ingredients to make Orange Chicken. I’m not fond of dark meat so I don’t typically order this at Chinese restaurants but I have sampled the sauce when friends have ordered it. I realize restaurants use dark meat because of the lower cost overhead but I prefer the drier texture of white meat. In preparing the recipe, I used boneless breasts that I cut up smaller to minimize the frying time and the amount of oil needed. My husband raved about how delicious dinner was. I’ve included the link to the recipe if your’re interested.

3-Ingredient Orange Chicken Sauce Recipe

I chose Ordinary Day for today’s letter c song. because so many of the lines in the song summarize my conflicted feelings at this time. “Thought I heard you talking softly, I turned on the lights, the TV and the radio. Still I can’t escape the ghost of you”  The damn c, interrupts me at the strangest time. It even dared to cross my mind while talking with my good friend, Marcus, last night discussing his writing piece. The story with the few tweaks he made conversing with me is awesome. Will cancer steal these priceless moments too? I had to push the dang letter c out of my head so I could be in the moment.

I shouldn’t cry  for in my ordinary world I’m blessed with incredible people in my life like Marcus, my awesome husband Vic, my daughter, Amanda and my granddaugher, Olyvia. They made yesterday easier for me.

The humidity was intense yesterday and along with that feeling of being strangled trying to do what needed to be done, I really struggled with blocking my fear of the unknown or the waiting game. Both take me out of my comfort zone.

I lost myself reading Writing, the Life Poetic by Sage Cohen yesterday afternoon for awhile. I tried several of her writing prompts and was pleased with the results. I didn’t go to the darkness in my writing.

I also spent about an hour reading Iron Dawn by Richard Snow. I love reading and usually have two or three books going at once. I don’t read the same genre at the same time which makes reading much less confusing.

Iron Dawn is about the Monitor and Merrimack during the Civil War. We fought a war to free the slaves but have we really achieved that dream of equality. It’s not apparent with all that is happening in the media now. No one should die as George Floyd did or as Breonna Taylor did. Or the many others who have died because of police brutality under the guise of law. That damn uniform does not give anyone the privilege to commit murder.  Our ordinary world sucks in so many ways, I hope the ghosts of all the injustices haunt us forever until we take responsibility and change.



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