My World 🌎 letter-c day 53

Thank you Melanie for the writing inspiration today.

What song always get you out on the dance floor?

Since I’m 64 years old, my song choices have varied immensely over time. in my youth, I always hit the dance floor for Proud Mary. The lyrics begin with something like we’re going to do something nice and easy but we never do anything nice and easy. It’s going to get rough and hard. (I didn’t go look it up this morning, I’m working on the iPad.) Anyway life is like that, we don’t realize how easy we have it, then life hits with you a reality check. I married and dancing fell aside and the only time I danced was when I was calming my babies down and the majority of times it was John Lennon’s Imagine. After my divorce my go to song was Pavarotti and Dion, I love you then I hate you. Dating someone long distance, trying to work full time and go to college in your fifties is challenging. My present choice is with the letter c looming over me is Perfect with Sheeran and Bocelli because I know how precious love with the right person is.

What’s my favorite sleeping position? I sleep on my left side with my back securely next to Vic with Macavity (my cat 🐈) snuggling against my knees.

If I could snap my fingers and instantly make the world better what would I do. I would penalize anyone who doesn’t follow seven generation sustainability. Our carbon footprint truly matters so we all need to be held accountable.

What’s the scariest thing I’ve ever done? Looking back running away from home and ending up in Harlem in the early 70s when I was 13 wasn’t the wisest thing to do. Nor was hitch hiking from Connecticut to Vermont when I was 15 the safest thing to do. As an adult I’ve done some crazy things but I wasn’t fearful but other people when I shared what I was doing thought it was terrifying. Fear for one person is different for another. The most dangerous thing I’ve ever done in desperation was trying to kill myself with a gun, thank goodness that went awry. I still feel ashamed for feeling that alone….my children and grandchildren didn’t deserve all of that baggage.

Our cancer culinary tool kit addition today is:

Cumin is an appetite stimulus, digestive aid, anti microbial and may reduce tumors in the stomach and cervix.

Dates help regulate blood sugar and help boost our immune system.

Cancer Fighting Kitchen Rebecca Katz and Mat Edelson

My song choice for today is Tina Turner’s Proud Mary. I think the presentation of the song says a lot about life. Yes, it does start off easy and slow. We’re impatient and want everything yesterday without realizing how good we really have it. Then as we age and experience things we realize what we lost. It’s coming in all directions, hard and fast. We need to be in the moment because those moments will disappear 😔

I watered the gardens this morning, discovered another zucchini and lots of cucumber blossoms. Life is good.

Writing accountability is tonight, I need to work on my vignettes.

When I was younger I focused on getting to the weekend but then I got sick and realized how few weekends in life I really had . I learned to make time to smell the roses because life as we know it today offers no guarantees.


4 thoughts on “My World 🌎 letter-c day 53

  1. Thank you Lyn for Sharing Your World and some sage advice vis a vis spices and good options for living with reduced risk of cancer. I’m sorry you felt so alone that you tried suicide, I’m grateful it didn’t succeed. I’ve been there too, only via pills instead of a gun. We have to find reasons to be grateful for the gift of life. Your family sounds like they are some of your reasons! It’s wonderful to meet you too! Welcome to Share Your World and I hope to see you there often!


  2. I love reading this! Thanks to Vic for recommending your site 🙂
    I’m 35 and I live a hard life back in my teens. I did a lot of suicide attempts because of domestic violence but I stop doing it after my mom put a gun on my forehead. I decided to live. I’m glad you’re better now and although I’m younger I love songs from your younger years. I love the dances and the songs you mentioned are my favorites. The songs before gives so much more impact than today for me. Thanks for sharing your story and the tips for healthy living. Anyway nice to meet you 😁


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