Age in Lyn’s Eyes ©LynCrain

Age in Lyn’s Eyes


Lyn Crain


There was a time when I was very young
that my life paralleled so many songs sung.
His temper flared and his hurtful words stung;
I envisioned him without a tongue.
There was a time when I was a foolish teen…
partying all the time in peasant shirts and low rise jeans
I knew somewhere, there was a much better scene.
He led me to believe life with him would be green.There was a time when I reached my mid life,
I had more than enough of this continuous strife.
The day had come; I wasn’t going to be a battered wife.
It was my freedom, or it was going down with a knife.There was a time when magic happened, I was fifty two
Life for me changed, I was happy in love, I said, I do.
Everything around me was vivid and bright, oh what a view.
My past was past, my future new, gracefully then, I said adieu.

There was a time that I looked around and saw no way out.
Now, I know what real love is and I have no doubt
how wonderful life can be with someone so devout.
He will even eat veggies, like kale and Brussels sprouts.

There was a time my life seemed so hopeless.
Now, it is filled with laughter and sweet caresses.
Yes, there are some days filled with too much stress
I remember the past briefly; thankful I am truly blessed.

There was a time when I was a wee one in age.
Life was happening; good or bad, it was my stage.
Now, that I am older, I realize only I can write the page
before life ends and I will have lost the chance to engage.

This is the best way I can introduce myself to you.