13 questions for Judy

For the Thursday Challenge we are asked to make a list of thirteen things, our choice. I am listing thirteen questions I would like readers of my blog to answer. You can either do it on your own blog with a link to my blog or in comments on my blog. Since turn about is fair play, I’ve answered them myself.   https://judydykstrabrown.com/2020/08/06/a-little-bird-told-me-thursday-13/

1 What could you do with an artichoke rather than eating it?  I would dry it and then paint it Christmas tree green and decorate it with glittery things.

2 What is the strangest name you have ever heard and what is your association with it?  I drove school bus for 31 years, one of my students name was Siran Siran. Yup, his first and last was the name. When I asked why they gave him the same name, he said they couldn’t agree on a first name.

3 What is the most embarrassing thing your parents ever did?  My father told me that it was a good thing I didn’t have boobs it would have ruined the look of the tux in front of my date. I wore a white tux with pink cummerbund and my date wore black with matching pink cummerbund.

4 What was your most unusual pet? A snake, named Alice.

5 What is your most favorite holiday and why?  Halloween is my favorite. It’s  also my wedding anniversary. It’s the only holiday where you can dress up and be anyone you want without judgment.

6 What is your favorite footwear and why?  I love wearing my tevas. My feet are comfortable being out in the air. I tend to perspire a lot.

7 What is your most irritating habit?   I’m guilty of being competitive. I love board games and I play to win. If you’re not going to play with a win in mind, why play?

8 If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?  I would live in Jamaica. The nine things that keeps me in the States are seven grandchildren and my two cats.  I would miss my grandchildren something wicked and I don’t want my cats kept in a cage because of the quarantine restrictions.

9 What is the most unusual place you have ever visited?  Monte Carlo. It was different than I expected.

10 How did you meet your spouse or significant other?  In an online writing group on yahoo. He downloaded what I wrote, corrected it and sent it back to me with all the corrections in red. Initially, I was furious but then I looked at the writing honestly and realized I did need the help.  That was 20 years ago. We’ve been married 12 years.

11 Who do you most admire?   Alive, Michele Obama, deceased Eleanor Roosevelt

12 If your pet could name you, what name would they give you and why?  Florence, because they know if it possible I would give every cat a safe home like Florence Nightingale. I read that she had 60 cats.

13 What is the most romantic thing that ever happened to you?  Vic drove 8 hours to come to Maine to spend my birthday with me, we had never met in person. Our only connection had been in the writing group online.  I drove two hours to meet him in Portland. He gave me a beautiful diamond necklace for my birthday and took me to  out to dinner at Dimillo’s , a old ship that’s been converted to a restaurant in the old port area. It was perfect.

We knew after spending the weekend the connection that we felt was real and somehow we had to find a way. We did the long distance thing for 7 years before I moved to New Jersey.


#FDDA 7 letter-c day 76


Today’s theme is “something you found.” What did you find? Where did you find it? What did you (or are you going to) do with it? Share a story, a poem, a photo, a drawing, some music, or whatever you wish to about something you found.

“Life is a long preparation for something that never happens.” ― W.B. Yeats

I’m thinking this isn’t what you had in mind with the prompt but it is something I found. Cancer is an intimidating disease and often with that diagnosis you discover more than you bargain for with all the chaos. People you really thought were your friends kinda disappear or suddenly have less availability to talk or worse blow you off completely. If you haven’t had cancer this probably doesn’t make a lot of sense so I’ll try to explain. It’s so important to have an inner circle, people who will be supportive whether it be emotionally or physically. Its not a daily obligation just knowing they’re there.

What I found out people are quick to respond but than over time disappear. It hurts but its not the end of the world because interestingly people you didn’t expect step up. It is, what it is.

“Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.”
― Alexander Pope

What am I going to do with this new knowledge, I don’t know if its new knowledge or just the nature of people but it’s so important to live in the moment and not take things for granted nor expect things of people. Some have the maturity to handle it and some don’t. I learned that lesson too recently, a person who I really thought wasn’t mature enough to be helpful actually has surprised me.

The most important thing I found was that I need to be true to myself, all the other parts will fall where they may. With that I mind I remembered a poem I wrote about what makes me, me.  That’s something else I found… I like me.

A-Z of Lyn Poem

Appetite always enjoy good food and life itself
Brilliant at times, usually in the kitchen
Creative frequently, my inner artist appears
Deliberate who me, I’m an angel
Energetic daily, life is to short not to be
Fiber oh please, I am not that old
Grains a bowl of cheerios, how can you go wrong
Habitual why yes I am, guilty of loving routines
Involved in too many things at one time
Jovial usually, negativity does not suit me
Kinky I have my moments ask my spouse
Liberal indeed I am, I am very open minded.
Mom, to four wonderful children and seven awesome grandchildren
Nice that’s been said a time or two
Optimistic more often than not that would be the Irish in me
Pessimistic seldom, and If I am a good Irish whiskey will cure it
Quilter with a serious fabric stash
Reads avidly particularly history and biographies
Silent type not hardly, I am definitely opinionated
Typical never, I’m an Irish lass
Unique very so I am told
Vindictive no, in the long run it is not worth it
Wicked yes I am a Mainer
Xi fourteenth letter in Greek alphabet
Yes I play scrabble, actually very lucky at it
Zealous, I am indeed devoted to my family and friends.©

But I can get what I need….

By being my best advocate. I can do this. I am a fierce warrior woman … soon Cancer will be the one finding out.



Virtual Continent Hopping

It’s a good thing we’re virtual travelers because in real time no international travelers are allowed in Darwin because of COVID-19.

Our hotel is Vibe Hotel on the Darwin Waterfront.



Have fun exploring and share with us what appealed and what didn’t. Don’t overdo because the BCoF members are going to cover the night life…

I don’t know about you but I’m happy to have lots of hot water in a shower that I can extend my arms outward and a queen size bed. The Ghan train was a lot of fun but did have its shortcomings like unlimited hot water and a large bed but everything else about it was cool and did give us some amazing views.

I can’t get over the pools they’re amazing. I know I should have gone to bed after my long shower but I just had to go try one of the pools. I chose the narrow pool because it was right next to the hot tub which had my name all over it too!

Once I did hit the sack I slept into 8am which is late for me. Breakfast overlooking the pool and ocean in the distance was phenomenal. I opted for the Darwin walking tour to get the insiders perspective to the city and to stretch my legs, we’ll be flying soon. The views from Bicentennial Park were amazing. I took lots of pictures. I did take a sharp intake when I saw some of the rock colors, guess I’ll stop being nervous once we get to the next continent. Phew, crime isn’t my cup of tea. It’s too stressful. Willie and Sandy  are right I am worried. I need my tour guide income, these are difficult times to be working in the travel industry.

Crocosaurus Cove was quite interesting, that’s the closest I’ve ever been to a crocodile. I hung around for moral support for Willie she went into the cage to get a closer view. I passed,  I’m definitely not comfortable with being that close.  Sandy, Annie, Carly, Nita, and Jill joined me in watching but then Carly decided to join Willie in the water. I decided that I would just dangle my toes in the baby croc area and relax. I can’t wait to see what adventures BCoF is going to take us on tonight.

I glanced at my watch and decided a dip in the bigger pool had my name on it before dressing for the night out.

BCoF you’re writing about the night life options, make it entertaining because the 30 day people are seeking your opinion on how to spend their night exploring Darwin.




The food at the Stone House Wine and Bar was amazing. I really enjoyed their take on antipasto with the bread sampler and I followed that with a seafood chowder. I could easily gone back to the hotel after that because I felt sated but I knew the ladies worked hard putting the evening’s entertainment together.

So we’re off to the  Darwin Entertainment Ctr. Oh my goodness talk about scoring big time, Keith Urban was playing there. So we got a bit of country Aussie style. He plays different than he does when he’s state side.

The Throb Nightclub lived up to its hype. It was fun especially with open-minded people letting their hair down. The entertainment acts were really good. I never saw myself as a karaoke girl but when I was asked to join in I shrugged but then changed my mind. Why the hell not?  So I looked at one face and sang along to Tracy Chapman’s Give Me One Good Reason. That one face to face made it easier and before long I was doing it a lone. I got the girls to join in a couple of songs. When we did Shania Twain’s I Feel Like A Woman a lot of the cross-dressers that frequent this club joined us. Wicked cool.

I’m so glad I went with the evening’s plan, I enjoyed myself so much. Lying in bed, I wrote it all down in my journal. I put five stars at the top of the page.

Letter c day 75

So this day has just officially gone to crap. I reached over in the flower garden to straighten the decorative flag pole the wind had blown over. That got my left ear, head, a couple places on my neck and arm stung by yellow jackets. Arm, neck and head hurt but the ear is ridiculously painful. Meat tenderizer did help some once Vic was able to find it. Wegmans no, Target no, ShopRite yes. I’ve iced my ear several times thus far and taken the benadryl as advised by my daughter-in-law and Dr. Lee. Bee stings are so much easier in places that have some fat involved, my little ears don’t. 😞

Tonight those nasty creatures are going to regret stinging me.😞Game on!

Why are grocery stores so f-ing behind on stocking their shelves? Wegmans has epically failed on so many levels since COVID 19. They seem to be able to restock their product but not the competitors for one, two the amount of vacant shelves compared to other stores is not acceptable. For the life of me why are spices, teas, and condiments like ketchup and mustard so difficult to replace. I have never been one to go to multiple grocery stores but since this crap has unfolded it’s becoming the new norm.

The dirty deed is done with minor setback one of the yellow jackets stung Vic while I was spraying in between the patio pavers where I had seen them earlier going in and out.


I told you yesterday about my appointments getting changed. Annoying but not impossible.  It feels more like a Tzu moment especially since there is forward movement.

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”― Lao Tzu

The wall reminds me of Pink Floyds, Another Brick in the Wall. I had a teacher like that back in high school that mocked my early poems. She didn’t succeed I still love poetry. I write poems almost everyday. Mrs. Davis should have listened to Nelson Mandela and encouraged me to write instead of embarrassing me because her droning was so boring I escaped into poetry.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
― Nelson Mandela

This is one of my favorites about the lake I lived near at my old home. I have so many positive memories of that lake. My children and I went there from the time they were born until they each had left home.

I used to go there after I finished the night shift when I worked stocking shelves and swim alone before going home. Once the weather got to cool to swim I would simply sit there with my coffee I had grabbed at Dunkin when they were still 24 hours and contemplate my future. That lake was my haven.


At The Lake’s Edge©
The long rocky shoreline had rough water tonight
this breezy spring twilight in April.
I came to watch the evening sun set on the water.
I heard the loons crooning to their mates.
My tranquility was disrupted by a child’s screech and
two young people paddling hard in a canoe.
An elderly man fished on the opposite shore while
a woman read a book in her chair on the dock.
I shivered as the waves swished against the beach
and the cold spray hit my leg as I sat on the rock.
I struggled to regroup my thoughts, to close this day
The peace in my world was jeopardized so
I sought the calm of my beautiful beach haven.
I ached to find my composure once more
As I immersed myself in the beauty at the lake’s edge.
My mind rambled to the times when I brought my children
to swim and play in the chilling water in the summer’s heat.
Those moonlit nights on my way home from work when I swam
successfully working out stress in my own way.
I committed to memory the reasons why I must pick me up once more,
I need another sunrise, to gaze at another sunset on the lake’s edge.
The troubled emotions, I felt when I arrived have dissipated because
the lake’s rippled water refreshed my essence.
I heard the soft call of a loon, the woeful song was
a gentle reminder of my lover who waits for me
Good night, my lakeside haven!
Thank you for giving me sanctuary,
I am okay now because of you.
The one I wrote today I tossed into the Virtual Blogging Adventure I’m hosting on WDC and sharing here. It’s now in both places.
My Grandpa said I would want to stay
once I commit to Katherine’s way
Nope, I have things to do
He handed me a chew
and shook my hand, you’ll be back someday©
a limerick about Katherine Australia


For some frigging reason every time I go to cut and paste the link into my blog Wind of Change by Scorpion appears instead even though I cut and paste the right one.

I’m too tired and uncomfortable to keep frigging around with this tonight. It’s easy enough to google.  My ear is throbbing intensely. Apparently wordpress has a lot of quirks not worked out as Marilyn Armstrong pointed out.

Tomorrow’s a new day and hopefully a less painful one.




#FDDA Pets


Today’s theme is “Pets.” Do you have a pet? One or more? What kind of pet(s)? Does having a pet(s) comfort you? If so, in what way? If you don’t have a pet, why not? If you could have any pet you would want, what would you choose? Maybe you have a pet peeve. Or you were/are a teacher’s pet. Share a story, a poem, a photo, a drawing, some music, or whatever you wish to about pets.

I’m blessed with two cats who acquired their names because of my love for poetry. W.B. Yeats, is on the lower left with the white markings, he’s what is called a blue tabby and he has beautiful green eyes..  Macavity, the cat in T.S.Eliot’s poem Cats is the yellow tabbly with the yellow eyes. The one in the upper left is our Purryl Bailey, she unfortunately passed a year ago, she was 20. The vet said she was a gray tabby. According to wiki, “The English term tabby originates from the translation of the French phrase “striped silk taffeta,” the root of which is tabis, meaning “a rich watered silk.” This can be further traced to the Middle French atabis (14th century), which stemmed from the Arabic term attabiya.”

I’ve always had cats in my life. I find them to be great companions. If I could have any pet I want, I would still choose a cat.

My pet peeve is people take on pets later in life without thinking about the pet once they pass on. It’s not easy for a cat to be shuffled to a different home. They react similar to dogs with the grieving and insecurity after their owner passes.

Like for instance average life expectancy for me barring this dang cancer annoyance is 89. How do I get that, its what my parents and grandparents lived to. I’m 64 both of my cats will have passed before me if all goes well. If it doesn’t they’ll be with Vic so there will be no disruption in their lives as it should be.

feel so good.
I smile and laugh,

Lanturne is a five-line verse shaped like a Japanese lantern-syllabic pattern of

Virtual Continent Hopping Day 6

30 day: You have choices once we land in Katherine. Discuss what you discovered and enjoyed from the links.Include your fellow bloggers to help inspire interaction.

My response: I want to say sorry about the links when I created this challenge they all worked. I will double check every night from now on before sending the prompts out. There’s always something when it comes to the internet.

We were told by the guide that Katherine Gorge was spectacular but that’s an understatement. My mind immediately imagined stories looking at the gorge’s steep walls. What if we had decided to a rope climbing challenge or what if we had tried hang gliding , the possibilities and the dangers would fill pages.
I’m a morning person so I opted for the sunrise cruise, the colors were over the top amazing. Who knew there could be so many shades of reds, mauves, and gold reflected along the gorge walls. It was like being inside of a kaleidoscope for me.

Edith Falls is definitely in my picture, those small showers on the train and restricted water usage have left me still feeling grungy after being at the Opal Mines yesterday. I can’t wait to go swimming and totally immerse myself in the water.

By the way, just in case you’re wondering no one has suspected our involvement in the heist. I still can’t believe we were conned by those crooks. We helped them pull it off by being so trusting. So much for being street savvy. I was so glad no one pointed fingers last night. I was pleased Carly and Willie agreed silence was in our favor right now. I couldn’t help but wonder if we did go to the police would those men come after us. They had no qualms about shooting the real Uwe. Needless to say I didn’t sleep well, my conscience was playing devil’s advocate.

BCoF There are beautiful pictures in the links, your prompt is to pick one and write a poem or a story about that location. Be creative.






alternative option is to write about the average Australian cuisine. How does it differ from our norm.
My response was to write a limerick and then answer the second part of the prompt/

My Grandpa said I would want to stay
once I commit to Katherine’s way
Nope, I have things to do
He handed me a chew
and shook my hand, you’ll be back someday

Average Australian cuisine of kangaroo, emu and snakes isn’t appealing to me but then neither is sushi, alligator or snake and we have that as specialty dishes on our menu.  I did find ANZAC biscuits which are crunchy cookies made of rolled oats, golden syrup and desiccated coconut quite good. Also the meat pies and sausage pies really tasty but thankfully they didn’t indicate what meat was involved. Yeah, I know ignorance isn’t bliss but when it comes to my tummy I would rather not know. I’ve noticed how popular shrimp is here but I can’t do shrimp, I have a severe iodine allergy which also makes me more consciously aware of food content. Cross contamination is dangerous for me.

Continent Hopping Day 5


30 day prompt.
From your morning stop at the outback outpost of Manguri, you’ll venture into the weird and wonderful opal mining township of Coober Pedy, where more than half of the residents live underground. Here, you’ll enjoy a day of discovery, and a gourmet lunch in the most unique of locations: underground. Dinner is served back on the train where you can enjoy a nightcap as your journey continues.

We’e going to get dirty today. But maybe we’ll score an opal. Let your imagination take you wherever.




My response is: The guide said humans love Opals but I’m sure someone will deny that point. It’s his lucky day, I do like opals but would I say love them not necessarily but I’m in too good of a mood to argue but I do hate generalizations like that.  Sandy, Blue, April, Neal and Willie all seem to be enjoying seeing the underground homes. Whiteman in a hole makes the literal name of  Coober Pedy to the next level as I keep looking around for the exits. I’m out of comfort zone. I can’t help but wonder when the last earthquake was. I used to have nightmares as a child so I’m out of my comfort zone.
Once we got outside again, I took deep inhales in spite of the intense heat. I can’t imagine working in these conditions but looking around me I’m amazed at how many men versus women lived there.
It’s a harsh reality knowing how much work is involved and the risk of finding nothing.

I don’t know about you but just the short time I actually tried mining was exhausting. I looked down at my clothes and wondered how much hot water would be available once we got back to the train. I’m not keen on cold showers either.

I’m getting hungry again. I should have ate more at breakfast than I did especially if we’re going to have kangaroo or emu on the menu again tonight.

BCoF prompt is about Opals





Weave us a tale about an opal heist.

My response is: We were all watching Yowah Opal Cutting and Polishing with Uwe Barfuss when I noticed a group of men approaching on camels. I looked over at Willie. She nudged Sandy . We’re more street savvy than some of our blogging friends. I whispered to Uwe that men were approaching on camels. He reached under the table for his pistol and tucked into the front of his pants.
I thought of my children. and grandchildren. I don’t want this day to be my last especially because of an damn opal.
Uwe nodded his head to the opening in the mine. We scurried quickly inside while he continued polishing the nut opal. He looked so calm to me.
Willie leaned closer, “Do you think they’re going to rob him or worse kill him?”
” I hope not.” But I didn’t dare say outl oud what I was really thinking.
Neal suggested we all hold hands and pray for our safety.
But April had a better idea, she suggested we create some kind distraction to give Uwe time to disappear safely. We quickly gathered the contents of our purses. Thank goodness some of us like nail polish. We quickly painted a slew of small stones with the polish and then switched them with the real pieces in his box so it was to heavy to carry.
Uwe smiled as he saw us make the exhange.
Uwe offered each of us a handful of opals to tuck into purses so we could carry them to safety in case things got really bad.. He said, “I don’t want my life’s work in the hand of swindlers. I have children to feed.”
We could hear the men’s voices getting closer. Uwe showed us the tunnel to the underground city, he told us to stay to the left when we came to each tunnel divide. He nudged to go before it was too late.
We scurried as quickly as we could, hoping to find someone that could help Uwe before it was too late. We met some men when we arrived at the restaurant . We told them what was happening to Uwe. They quickly ran down the tunnel.
We waited and waited or paced is probably is a better description of us. Finally, the men returned with Uwe in toe. He had a few brusies on his face but overall looked well. We all let out sighs of relief because the alternative was terrifying.
We returned his opals to him and thanked for his interesting exhibit of stone polishing. We were happy to be alive. It could have gone down much worse. We said our goodbyes and returned to the Ghan train and the next part of our journey.

Sitting in the dining room on the train, we hear on the radio how a group of women pulled off the greatest opal heist. The owner of Uwe Barfuss had been found tied up and gagged in one of the abandoned mines. He was flown by the flying doctors to Adelaide for surgery to remove the bullet lodged in his chest.

Willie grabbed my arm, we’re going to jail aren’t we?

“Not on my watch, we’re going to Katherine first then Darwin. No one is going to suspect us if we stick together.”

#FDDA, letter-c day 74

Today’s theme is “inheritance.” Have you ever inherited something? Money? Your good looks? An item or items of value? Do you plan to leave an inheritance for your children or anyone else? Share a story, a poem, a photo, a drawing, some music, or whatever you wish to about an inheritance.


I was told I inherited my grandmother’s good looks. But that’s not what I see in the mirror. I see a sixty-four year old with lots of battle scars but still smiles in spite of all that I’ve endured and what is yet to come with the letter c. So maybe I inherited resilience with my Celtic heritage.

Now some people wouldn’t consider a Christmas cactus priceless but I do. My grandfather gave it to my grandmother in 1940 on their 16th wedding anniversary. My grandmother was relocating to an assisted living situation and didn’t want anything to happen to her plant. I have a natural talent with plants, although I did almost lose her beloved plant, it didn’t like its transformation from well water to bottled water when I moved to New Jersey. in 2007.  It was down two stems and I thought for sure it was a goner. But she survived. Her stems have become more like trees very woody with the lush green more at the tips than allover. She blooms prolifically every spring, she never shows up for Christmas nor does she make it to Easter.

However, here we are in 2020 and she is flourishing but there’s a huge question ahead if something happens to me. None of my children are plant enthusiasts so where does Gramma’s cactus go?  This plant is 80 years old she deserves to be loved and cared for.  I’m hoping one of my grandchildren will show an interest because whomever inherits needs to value the plant, and the memories behind it.DSC_0348

I know whenever I think of about the memories it feels like she hasn’t been with me that long but she came to live with me in 1981. 39 years ago. She’s lived me almost of her life.

Letter c update well I knew better than to get overly hopeful with the covid crap happening. My surgical procedures have been moved from the 11th to the 13th now. My covid test is now the 10th instead of the 8th. So now my schedule is Monday, the 10th covid test, Wednesday the 12th bloodwork, Thursday the 14th,surgical procedures, Friday the 14th primary doctor, Monday,  the 17th neurologist and then my mammogram on the 19th. Can we say WTF?  I dislike going to the doctors intensely so this over the top. But unfortunately, they’re a necessary evil when cancer is involved.

I’ve got a beef  and vegetable soup brewing in the crockpot, it smells divine.

Cancer toolkit:

Raspberries are anti-inflammatory. Researchers at Ohio State found that black raspberries prevent esophageal cancer.

Rice is also anti-inflammatory and is a fantastic fiber source.





My song choice for today is because my grandma is on my mind so I’m going with Keep Me in Your Heart by Warren Zevon. My grandma died of brain cancer. Warren died of pleural mesothelioma. 

He and I share something in common we’re not keen on doctors. Unfortunately in his case, the cancer won because he refused all treatment.  I sought medical treatment in addition to being my strongest advocate. I’m not going to lose. I’ve changed my diet and I have remained positive. It’s a team effort and I’m blessed to have a strong support network. I inherited some good Celtic genes too!






Liebster Award Nomination

Today, I received a notification for the Liebster Award from https://peaksofcheeks.wordpress.com  I am honored to be nominated. Thank you so very much for thinking of me.

According to Google, the Liebster Award is an award that exists only on the internet and is given to bloggers by other bloggers, with the earliest case of the award going far back as 2011. It is said that the Liebster Award was created to recognize and/or discover new bloggers and welcome them into the blogosphere. It’s increased to 11 bloggers and 11 questions from the original 2-6 bloggers and 5 questions.


The Rules:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and add a link to their blog
  2. Answer the 11 questions given to you
  3. Nominate 11 bloggers that you think deserves the award
  4. Ask 11 innovative questions to the ones you have nominated
  5. Remember to notify your nominees once you have uploaded your acknowledgement post.


My questions for the nominees from SMB

1.What is happiness according to you? 

Happiness is seeing my husband’s smile, cuddling with my fur babies,  seeing and hearing my children and grandchildren, talking with good friends, the smell of the trees and flowers, hearing the birds sing and writing everyday.

2.Which one memory of yours will you always cherish?

The expression on my husband’s face when we exchanged vows.

3. What is the latest thing that made you laugh your belly out?

This morning there was a knocking outside the window and Macavity raced to see what was happening when a woodpecker’s head bobbed up. Macavity sprung back so fast. I couldn’t help but laugh at how comical he acted with such a tiny little woodpecker.

4. Which embarrassing memory of yours makes you laugh even now?

I was a very young wife (16) and had never cooked at my parent’s home. This was before the days of instant search on the internet. I didn’t even have a telephone, land line as they’re called today. My husband wanted carrot cake for his birthday.   I had never had carrot cake before so I relied solely on the cookbook which didn’t specify grating the carrots, so I sliced them very thinly and layered them in the cake batter. It looked beautiful when was done until it was sliced. My husband threw a tantrum that I ruined his birthday and wasn’t the least compassionate about my lack of cooking skills.

Thankfully, that man is in the past and I’m married to a very loving man now. The carrot cake story makes even laugh.

5.What about Mother Nature do you admire the most?

I love the ocean, the salty spray in the air, the way the waves break on the sand. It’s my zen place.

6.Which is the first song that comes to your mind now? Can you share it?

LeeAnn Womacks’s I Hope You Dance,


7.What do you do when you cannot fall asleep?

I read, there’s something about a book in one’s hands. The smell and feel of the paper are soothing to me.

8.Have you miserably failed in delivering a joke? How did the experience go?

No, I can’t say I’ve participated in delivering jokes. I’m not comfortable with jokes in general, feelings are too easily hurt and I don’t like to hurt anyone.

9.Is there anyone in your life you want or wanted to apologize to?

My grandson, for not making more time to spend with him, all those missed opportunities because we live so far apart. It’s my biggest regret. Now, I can’t change it. He’s dead. And I would give anything to turn back that clock.

10.What is the one thing you are proud of? 

I wrote a book of poetry about my experiences in my first marriage. Domestic violence is difficult anyway you look  at it, so I decided poetry would deliver encouragement to other women like me but in smaller doses. In My Shoes, My Poetic Journey from Abuse to Victory.

11. Can you share one of your classic jokes or pick-up lines?. 

I once told a man singing in the band that his jeans would look better on me. He looked me and agreed. We hooked up at the end of the night. I have to admit it was fun undressing him. I kept those jeans for ten years and they did look better on me.

I nominate these awesome bloggers. I look forward to reading their blogs everyday.




And the 11 questions for the nominees are:
1. What’s your reading preference a physical book or on kindle?
2. If books could talk what would they say about your reading choices?
3. Cat or Dog lover? Or some other creature?
4. What’s your favorite comfort food? Is there a story behind it?
5. What’s your preference for travel… planes, trains, boats, or automobile?
6. Married or single or in a relationship or non-applicable
7. What was your favorite activity as a child?
8. If you had to pick one , would it be a blog entry or a poem for your epitaph, which one would it be?
9. Favorite song? Why?
10. Favorite author? Why?
11. What makes you smile, no matter how many times you see it? Why?
footnote: I don’t know why wordpress is making some of the nominations show in smaller print they’re not being wrote that way.  GRRRRR