Creating a system for my Poetry practice

Writing the Life Poetic by Sage Cohen.

isbn 978-I-58297-557 Publication date 2009

Poetry is a passion of mine, I love reading and writing poetry. I discovered this book and have devoured the suggestions to broaden my horizons, my skills and my reading enjoyment.

One of the suggestions, Ms. Cohen recommends works for me. Create yourself a place to come to when you work. I found it very helpful and decided to pass on the suggestions with you.  The categories are flexible, it’s up to you but I found these really met my needs. My ability to focus and accomplishing daily goals surprised me with her suggestions.

Great Quotes that motivate me about writing and life

Poems and Authors I Love offer inspiration and reassurance that my words matter.

Poems I am working on, my ideas, my acorns, whether in rough or editor process.

Finished work, it is hard to let people read your intimate thoughts.

Contests and deadlines, so I don’t miss opportunities.

Submission log, someday this will have lots of places.

Published Poems, I dare to dream!

My friends work matter a lot to me. We support each other with reviews and commentary.