Inner Conflict

Authors create their work, they live and breathe with every word on the line. Then the next logical move is into the publishing arena. What is not said, is the feeling of vulnerability that comes with letting your creations into the public view.

Do you remember holding your child’s hand when they were first learning to walk? That moment when you realized it was time to let go and give your child the opportunity to soar on their own. It feels similar to me, I know in my heart that my work is ready and can soar but the over protective me is holding on when I should simply let go and move on to my next project.

Opening that door and letting everyone see your soul bared takes courage. My poetry is very personal and emotionally painful at times, so I am finding it difficult to let it go. I’ve signed a contract to publish and thus far they have been amazingly supportive with the process. I hope you support my writing when it is out there for the world to see.

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