Woes of a Shoe © Lyn Crain

Woes of a Shoe© Lyn Crain

She coated me with murky, putrid crap
there is black grime embedded on my toe cap
My frayed, broken eyelets, and pieced laces
are knotted tightly, held fragilely in some places.
My quarter dog- eared  in the back is so slacked
with tired leather, it’s brittle and split, my cracked
tongue is so twisted out of shape and torn.
She makes me feel so sad and abused when I’m worn.
My poor insole is broken down to clumpy pieces
so my heels are unevenly worn , my side releases.
Clearly issues with my owners stride, but she wore
me until there were large holes in my soles, I abhor
her! She wore me in the rain and made my leather soggy
like an overcooked stew. Eww… I smell like a wet doggy.
I have more broken stitches here than there
Oh the woes of my life, I’m a sad shoe in despair.

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