The Callery Pear ©Lyn Crain

The Callery Pear

©Lyn Crain

A pungent scent of semen assaults me
initially but then my curiosity elevates,
What an odd location for a sexual encounter.
My hawk eyes glance around before
I continue my morning stroll
along the stone pathway.
I love sunrises and spring mornings.
They are so peaceful and usually intoxicating.
Red and yellow tulip crowns open wide
radiant after another dew kissed evening.
Birds serenade all the sleepy ones just poking
their heads up, it’s  time to rise and shine so
much work to do. Oh, that four letter word! It’s
enough to curdle the fresh cream waiting to
fill a steaming cup of joe when I get home.
One last lingering glance, the artistic display
strategically planted all those years ago.
Over coffee with my neighbor, I mention
the unusual aroma on my walk earlier.
She laughs and then shares an article on the
web about the Callery Pear, a very common tree.
I wonder if the landscaper knew when he planted
the trees what lasting impression they would make.
The gift that keeps on giving and giving until death.

24 lines

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