Set Your Heart Free ©LynCrain

Set Your Heart Free

©Lyn Crain

 There were colorful rings
intricately woven into a pattern
that embraced love from long ago.
A wedding quilt sewn
in my favorite colors
like karma, waiting for me
to discover it among the hidden,
forgotten treasures
from another timespan.
Quilted by someone,
an artistic expression
clearly a gift from the heart.
Haunting images flutter
before my eyes about the artist.
Her delicate hand stitched
this colorful quilt that
shudders the winters dust
on a clothesline that sags.
The sharp tone of the knell rang
its tone echoed filling the silence
The quilt covered with
hollow tear stains lingering
behind like glass shards.
Her fragile spirit
clung desperately to the quilt
unprepared for heartache ahead.
I drew my hand back quickly,
startled by her melancholy memories.
Is she warning me or
reminding me how fragile
life can be? I know love
demands risk, maybe heartache
and life consumed by
fiery passion. Hesitantly,
I caress each intricate
ring stitched, feeling assured
love bands us together
and grows stronger in time
when we set our fears aside.

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