Purple People Aliens©LynCrain

All that I see or seem is but a dream within a dream.~
Edgar Alan Poe

Purple Alien Woes

©Lyn Crain

Whoa, the pot belly was smoking hot,
when the door popped right open.
Out came a huge stream of violet,
not sickly sweet smelling lilacs aroma
but a genuine one horned purple alien.
Hey sea monkey, is it safe out here?
I’m really feeling frigging frenzied
after I heard all those crazy humans
sing songs about a one-eyed,
one-horned, flyin’ purple people eater.
How did they know when I came to earth,
that I hid in a prickly tree?
Dang it, Sea Monkey,
you spilled your gut
didn’t you? Can’t trust an urchin!
Oops, I thought you wanted
to play in their band.
You know
Let the good
oh rock and roll
shake up
that horny horn
of yours.

This came about from a prompt that required the following words: sea monkey, pot-belly stove,  purple alien and tree.

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