Poetry Refreshes the Soul

Arnold Adoff explained his definition of poetry: “…a fine poem combines the elements of measuring music, with a form like a living frame that holds it together. I really want a poem to sprout roses and spit bullets; this is the ideal combination. My poems should be read three or four times – once for the meaning, once for the music, and once for how the music and meaning go together.”

From this Bus Window by Arnold Adoff

From this bus
pulling away from the curb
I can stretch
my neck. I can just stare into
the eyes

of a bicycle
he is the

this bus and the moving van
on his other side.

Then he blows the whistle glued between his lips,
and sprint-pedals out of the sandwhich
and slides ahead of us both: bus and van,
and around
his corner.
We ride on.

“Poems should be like fireworks…ready to explode with unpredictable effects.”~ Lillian Moore

“In poetry, syntaxes have little meaning, the order of the words is the order of your heart.” ~ Peter A. Rosado










“Poems should be like fireworks…ready to explode with unpredictable effects.”

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