Fighting the Darkness© Lyn Crain

Fighting the Darkness© Lyn Crain

My salty tears cascaded silently by,
eventually ceasing leaving but a choked sigh.
It’s a bitter taste, this essence of sorrow.
Wondering if there will be a new tomorrow?

My utter sadness filled me with despair,
with an overwhelmed mind gone beyond repair.
My pretend existence is not real living.
Why are those in my life so damn unforgiving?

What the hell did I do to have such bad luck?
I’m beginning to think I don’t give a fuck.
I should give up, life has lost its splendor.
It’s totally fucking pointless, I surrender.

However, thankfully there was one glimmer of hope.
My stubborn muse gave me a way to cope.
Write, write even more so with my beloved pen
and paper I did just that with a fury, Amen!

My haunted memories became bold on the page

Releasing years of pent up rage.

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