Featured Author Marcus Julian Carbos

There are people you cross paths with in life that when you hear them speak you find yourself leaning forward because their voice is mesmeric and entertaining. At our local writing group in Langhorne, there is one writer who not only has impressive writing skills he has a public speaking voice that captivates your attention. His name is Marcus Julian Carbos, and he is the author of the upcoming book The Path to Arcadia, a military sci-fi. The tale takes place shortly with an insight of our political world and its shortcomings.  Even if the military is not your cup of tea, the story from his point of view is very engaging.

Marcus also does his take on society with his youtube videos called Society is an Illusion. He also is out there on Twitter, if you’re into the tweet world.

If you are into getting fit, he teaches Tai Chi in the local Philadelphia area for beginners to the more advanced levels.

In Marcus’s own words, “A modern day Renaissance Man, well rounded and firmly grounded, I recognize that all disciplines came from the singularity, and all are interconnected. Whether the art of rhetoric, the discipline of history or the science of astrophysics, each can be used to interweave a picture that can attract many from the outskirts while forging new paths in industry. As a problem solver, I like to get to the core of issues and believe in the evolutionary theory that all systems are emergent and should never become stagnant. But as a writer, I recognize and utilize the power of the literary and oratory. No matter the industry, no matter the group, without communication, both internally and externally, they are destined to fall. In that way, communication is a science but when utilized as an art, not only will an organization survive, it will thrive.”


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