Featured Author Dan Tanguay

Bullying is one of those topics  discussed all the time but unfortunately, still exists in our society. Change is happening but for those who are victims of bullies, it isn’t happening fast enough. Like Dan, I know all too well how destructive,  how hurtful words and actions can be to one’s self-esteem.

Dan wrote in A Day Like No Other chronicling his personal experiences in a very difficult situation with amazing courage. Reading his book, I found myself saddened that this kind of behavior exists. It is deplorable that anyone would treat a fellow human being like that.

This book is an inspiring read. I hope you find it as engaging to read as I did.

About the Author

Dan is a person who believes that life should be lived and not struggled through because of the actions of others. Sadly, he has faced many bullying encounters in his life.  He is a teacher in the Lewiston, Auburn area in Maine. (The state I call home)
I hope you join us in raising awareness that bullying is not acceptable.

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