Daring to Dream

Have you ever considered how many ways violence occurs in our society? Occasionally, the media discusses a new incidence that occurs, a brief glance and once again it is out of sight, out of mind unless it is happening directly to you. Victims of abuse live in the moment 24/7, for them it doesn’t flash across a screen and then disappear. I know this all too well.

Thankfully, the media has raised awareness of the physical and emotional scars that linger long after the abuse ends. But did you realize that for years after it can affect victims financially, too!

Their confidence levels are impacted as a result of the abuse and hence their career choices are affected. Low self-esteem ‘s hard to overcome.

My personal experiences shared in my writing reflect many of the issues women face daily trying to reclaim their lives.  It is not easy to begin again.  The key is knowing you are not alone and you are stronger than you think. I found my voice in poetry, you can find yours too! Just dare to dream…





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