Folklore©Lyn Crain

Truth or Lies
Orally spoken ideas
grow into witty tales
that give a voice to the masses.
Stories of mere men and their sails
through time become lengthier
then the path to Versailles.

Orally spoken around
roaring, toasty, campfires
entertain the weary bodies
after a day of unfulfilled desires
with amusing and enchanting details
too ludicrous to believe from their sires
but so desperately needed to free
their exhausted souls from the mires.

Orally spoken ideas
inspire laughter and tears
among family and friends
shared with rowdy cheers
with each fanciful retelling
with another twist of gears
when retold.

Truth or Lies

 orally spoken ideas

 only  you can decide

where folklore will reside.

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