Looking at poetry styles

I discovered a different one called Soledad. I love learning new and old styles of poetry writing, it opens one’s mind to different possibilities when writing. My humble attempt is included with Gorder’s, and Smith’s  below.

Soledad: 1. Three 8-syllable lines 2. Written in tercets or triplets alone or in sequence. 3. Rhyme Scheme: a-x-a b-x-b etc. X= unrhymed. 4. Often has internal consonance or assonance. 5. Octosyllabic lines were typical in 12th  Spanish poetry. The majority of the forms were couplets.


Spring Ahead © Judi Van Gorder

Eyes droop from lack of sleep last night,
late night write, hour hand clicks to twelve,
skip ropes forward, I wake at light.


Sacrifice Zones © 2012 Linda Varsell Smith

Exploited for profit and greed,

no rules to protect people, land

places disregarded we need.


Fuel industry and create blight.

Pollution a catastrophe.

Deplete and decay–people’s plight


Remove what stands in machine’s way

leaving dead land, mountain moonscape.

taking clean water, breathe away.


Defeated people struggle, shout

renew, recycle, choose for life,

dead, dying zones doing without.


In a Chaotic Moment ©Lyn Crain

Leaves flutter wildly in the wind

The colors burst upon my soul

 scattered thoughts defiantly pinned


Click to access Soledad.pdf

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