Cherished memories are the key to our sanity at times.

Eyes + Words

Written by Jacob Ibrag

The boy rushed upstairs while his little sister followed him.

She knew something was wrong, he was acting peculiar like

something had happened. Tripping on the last step, he lands

on the ragged carpet in the attic. Rushing towards her brother,

 she checks to see if he’s okay. ‘What’s going on? Why aren’t

you talking to me?’ He quickly shrugs her off and runs towards

the windowsill. Lodging his fingers underneath the bottom

rail, he struggles to open it. Using every ounce of his strength

and failing, he looks over his shoulder and asks his sister for

help. Finally getting the window to open all the way, the rain

 starts to blow into the room and onto their faces. ‘Why did

you have to open it, it’s raining!’ She watched as he stuck

his head out the window in full embrace of the cool Autumn

rain. Wasting no time, he quickly  looked…

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