Sharing  poems I love

Ron Rash is an amazing poet, there are very few like him in our time. His work gives haunting imagery of life in rural America. I am sharing his work with you, hopefully you will find the same joy I do in his writing!

The Day The Gates Closed

We lose so much in this life

shouldn’t some things stay she said,

no human sound, the populars

and oaks cut down so even

the wind had nothing to rub

a whisper from, just silence

rising over a valley

deep and wide as a glacier.

Wet Moon

Come look, my grandmother said,

the moon’s shed its skin, see how

big and bright, and when I asked

where the old skin was she laughed.

Later that night I waked,

looking out the window,I found

moon glow draped on the barn roof

like clothes on a line,and

wished for a tall ladder to lean

against the wood slats and raise

a finger, brush the cool skin

that had once been cloaked with stars.

These two poems are written by Ron Rash from his book Ron Rash Poems {New and Selected} Copyright 2016 Harper Collins Publisher

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