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Midnight Resolutions©Carolyn Lukas

Midnight approaches with dizzying speed
As find myself amidst a party of strangers
Drinking champagne
And trying not to get tipsy.
I look for a man worthy of my kiss.
Gone are the days when a knight in shining armor
Would ride in on his white horse
And sweep you off your feet.
Now I search the faces marred by time and experience
They mirror my own;
Which I have wrapped in resolutions
That can only grasp at the hope of becoming….
That healthier woman
Who has lost those stubborn 20 pounds.
That adventurous woman
Who has shaken off the chains of fear and anxiety
And found happiness in her heart’s desires.
That beautiful woman
Who has escaped the ravages of time
And seems to shine with an inner light.
It all seems so out of reach…
But the New Year approaches with promise
And one must rise to the occasion
Letting hope and dreams dance
In the limelight of possibility.
Carolyn is a dear friend of mine on Writing.com. I enjoy reading her poetry, short stories and her blog entries. This poem won a recent contest on WDC.


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