A Moment of Glory

Lightning needed to make himself heard; it had been too long since he had. Everything was perfect, the ground was dry, and the trees were brittle for a perfectly set stage. “Every moment is the paradox of now or never.” 1  The ebony clouds loomed overhead and churned like dry heaves. He let the black fleecy clouds empty their bellies before he showed his true power. The poor human fools were unprepared for his flashy finale. Lightning longed for this moment. It was now or never.

His arm struck like a hammer on steel,  it pierced the air and burst into a fire bolt across the sky.  Happy that first blow was crisp like a sonic boom penetrating the fragile veil of silence, he whirled out his arm to let another bolt of fiery energy fly through the black abyss of clouds.

The gnarly pine tree shattered and split in half.  Lightning laughed when the heart of the old pine tree splintered with the wrath with the display of power. He felt reckless and impulsive, what a rush!

Lightning smelled the smoke. Wait ! No way, this was his show. Damn it, why did the darn wind horn in on his party. What was it going to take to be the star of the show? He forbid the wind to intervene; this storm was his!

Snap, crack… He thrust straight arrows to the ground below; the leaves flew free. How dare the wind try to steal the show!

But the wind swirled, his hostility blatantly open now.

One after another Lightning threw his best strikes out,  He scattered the mere humans below. Their screams fed his frenzied fury. His fierce bolts flamed through the whimpering sheepish clouds. He laughed joyfully as a small ball of orange, red, and yellow grew inside the shattered, ancient pine tree.

The Wind saw his opportunity and blew a steady stream of air to tickle and tease the flame.

Another bolt of fury flew from Lightning’s hand; his rage imploded at the meddling wind.  He threw blue, white, and yellow bolts of electricity crackling every barrier known.


Damn it; Lightning felt the black fleecy clouds silky droplets, sprinkles on his fire. Then the black volcanic clouds of doom dumped heavier pellets of water until the fire sputtered out leaving puffs of gray smoke and hissing steam.

“STOP, Wind and Lightning your foolish display of pettiness and jealousy now,” yelled Mother Nature. Your cynical feud spurred catty, childish and downright destructive behavior by both of you.  ”

“But that’s the trouble with moments—they end.” 2

Lightning was furious that his moment ended. He hated Wind’s smirk enjoyment of his misery.

1  Simon van Booy
2  S.M.Boyce

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