My Writing Inspirations 1

6478-illustration-of-a-cartoon-thought-bubble-balloon-pvWriting Inspirations for me:

  • A photograph
  • A touch gentle or a painful one
  • A conversation overheard
  • A fragrance whiffling in the air
  • A memory recollected
  • Titles and subtitles in newspapers and magazines
  • An aroma
  • A taste savored or hated
  • A story I’m reading
  • The texture of something

These inspire me differently each time because whatever I’m feeling in that moment impacts my reaction or sensation. We are all blessed with unique skill sets, it’s how we fine tune them in our art that matters.forest-white-dress-girl-morning-fog_1920x1200-3

Consider all the possibilities for this image, the stories will all vary with each telling more unique than the last. Our muses beg to be set free.

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