Clothing Is a Paradox

Cotton is my preference, but knits will do

Lingerie not really my cup of tea

Overly sexy attire, at 60 who really cares.

The styles have changed dramatically in my life

Hippie to conservative and back, always something passé

 In every color under the sun, the brighter the better.

Nothing ever leaves my closet because

Ghastly styles have a knack for returning!

Interesting footwear from pointed toes to square but

Shoes for me are always flats coordinated I’m not.

Ankle length dresses are definite, who wants to see these legs!

Pretty floral in bright colors are my first choice

Artfully displayed on simple cotton

Retro tie dyes or bold colors, I love the wicked bright choices

Arms covered are a must, only me sees those jiggles

Decorative trims are not necessary, comfort is a must

Occasionally a piece of lace to remind me I am a girl.

X-factor of clothing makes each piece unique

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