Discovered an interesting poet from a good friend, I just had to share.


redlipsThat Kiss
by Sharon Esther Lampert

Fortune teller that I AM,
My crystal ball sees ALL.
Clairvoyant, the man’s libido is flamBOYant.
Inside of THAT KISS will be bliss.

Taking chances with amorous glances,
He advances… Lips pouting-tongue tied:
THAT KISS: SmOOch; smOOch.
When he romances: his gait prances,
his penis lances, his generosity enhances.
VOODOO, or DOO-YOU want dinner, dear?”
His heart dances….

Magician that HE IS,
He has a loaded deck of cards,
And wants to be my bodyguard.
Enchantment: a bag of mesmerizing tricks,
An ACE up his sleeve, a KING or a JACK
Are inside of his top hat of black.
Sleight of hand, THAT KISS is grand.

WIZARDRY: Pressed into his bosom,
I am caught in his embraces, arms
Flailing, like a net above my head,
His pounding heart is beating red.
THAT KISS tells ALL or just enough
to keep me Interested in ALL of his stuff.

Lips full of feelings, THAT KISS,
Soft as rose petals, free of prickly thorns.
In the  dark recesses of his mouth,
I find my way by the light in his eyes,
His smile is real, there is no disguise.

Even though we just met,
I am caught in the tangled web of
A hot-blooded, Israeli-Englishman:
“A Jack of All of Love’s Trades.”
A rare mixed-breed, a British accent,
Concealing a *Sabra, wherever he went.
Tricks of my own trade, I roll up my sleeve,
And I become a woman-in-need(?)
THAT KISS I can’t forget, and with no regret:
It is almost 4 a.m., and inside of my gypsy’s tent:
Sm(OO)ch, sm(OO)ch,
We are still one silhouette.

Sm(OO)ch, sm(OO)ch,
Some call it v(OO)d(OO),
Most think it witchcraft,
Experts refer to it as “osculation.”
Others call THAT KISS Kabbalah;
A kind of Jewish mysticism:
Many are in need of exorcism.


I loved the imagery mentally and visually and the fun word choices that the author chose to bring her poem alive. Her witty sarcasm reminds of when I first began dating and all my jumbled emotions. I hope you enjoy her work too!

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