Passions Beyond Writing 2



I made a LeMoyne Star pattern in the center and then added the rose appliques on top to make this centerpiece for my table. I machine quilted the top and appliqued the flowers by machine. The project took about 5 hours from start to finish. To me, there is something inviting about having a centerpiece on a table don’t you agree. However, in our home, it seems to encourage morning and evening interest.

It’s been a pattern all of this week for W.B. Yeats to take his morning snooze there.


He’s our almost 13-year-old tabby.

In the evenings we have our 2-year-old blush tabby Macavity taking his siesta.


Itis good to know my artistic endeavors are appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Passions Beyond Writing 2

  1. How fun that you have told us a bit more about your non-writing talents, Lyn! I love the shots of W.B. and Macavity. Our cat “Pickles” (all black shorthair) loved to sit in the middle of the tapestry sofa pillows in the living room. 🙂


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