Babble Along Alone

Brooks and people babble

Artists and writers dabble

Dabble with hobbies

Dabble with life

Life satisfies

Life really hurts

Hurts so much

Hurts so little

Little pieces of me

Little pieces of you

You haunt me

You made me choose

Choose to stay

Choose to leave

Leave the way I came

Leave the bubbles

Bubbles floating

Bubbles bursting

Bursting in color

Bursting in rage

Rage filled with nonsense

Rage shutting down

Down so sad

Down underneath the soil

Soil surrounding me

Soil crushing…no air

Air intoxicating

Air musty and heavy

Heavy with wetness

Heavy and chilled

Chilled to the bone

Chilled and alone

Alone gratefully

Alone babbling

Babbling alive

Alive ©


This is a form of looped poetry where the last word is the first of the next line. I took liberties with the first two lines.

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