NaPoWriMo: Day 17

Unpredictable rhyme patterns help increase the flow of the poem and invite the reader to explore your thoughts and theirs.

Business in Rhyme

Poetry prompt: In between rhyme

I suggest you start with an internal rhyme like:

I try to write, remembering your kiss as you held me tight.
‘Type, type!’ I say to myself; ‘Don’t get fooled by a sentimental hype!’

So, you see the first and the last word in the stanza rhymes, giving the verses completely new feel and meaning to the written sentence.

For your exercise, you can call to mind an issue you have and pick one word of your own interest (it might be connected to a topic you are writing on, project you are working on or any other word that ‘bugs’ you somehow).Write in flow, without too much thinking – just try to follow this one simple rule; don’t pay attention to the logic or the meaning behind your verses; use simple facts about the situation, what you think, what others might think, what you could try…

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