Mandala Madness Day 9

In both eastern and western cultures, the mandala has come to symbolize harmony, unity, wholeness, and healing. When I consider the mandala’s ancient roots and its use in indigenous practices around the globe, I understand why it’s such a part of our planetary culture.

In part 5 of this project, I introduced blue which promotes peace and emotional health. I was inspired by my lovely blue hyacinths. I added green because of the new green leaves on the maple tree. Green promotes love and respect for nature.  I introduced pink a milder influence of energy than its counterpart red. I returned to orange and it’s creativity and red for its high energy.

It’s raining here in New Jersey again, so I curled up in my recliner with the mandala across my lap and played some Willie Nelson and Ronnie Dunn on the stereo. Before I knew it part 5 was completed. It was a lovely peaceful afternoon for me crocheting.

I am very pleased with how the red and orange worked together in the half moons.

There was only one minor glitch this time and it was with the shells in row 40, I had the first two repeats completed when a message box appeared on the video. The instructor had asked us to do double crochets when in fact she meant for us to do treble crochets. Phew, good thing I hadn’t gone any further than that.

Macavity as soon as I laid it on the table immediately tested the comfort level out. I am happy to say it has his paw approval. 🙂

Tomorrow, I must focus on getting several of my poems ready for the contest deadline so I am going to have to let my mandala rest. 😦

5 thoughts on “Mandala Madness Day 9

  1. I didn’t have an opportunity to work on mine today – seeing how gorgeous yours is I’m really excited about the next few rounds. Thank you for the heads up about the treble thing – I have a bad habit of pausing the video and finishing the round when I think I know what the repeat is. 😀


    • This is not one to jump ahead on or to shut the video off until she does the whole rows explanation because there were a lot of small steps in between the repeats that really matter to get the rows to work Tami. I can’t wait to see your colors 😊

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