Laws, Economics and Violence

Burying one’s head in the sand doesn’t help either. People have to want change for it to happen which means getting involved, voting and taking responsibility for one’s actions.


Nothing in life is simple. Humans have been craving simplicity for longer than recorded e93ef18bacf9979b7c79d2ff00aa8404history exists. Thunder is a god going bowling? Nope. A god created the world in six days? Nope. Thor makes lightning with his hammer? Nope.

A deity doesn’t want people to eat pork? Nope. It’s trichinosis.

Humans crave simplicity because anything else takes work? That’s a possibility. Intense thinking is work.

Simplicity is a mirage.

Let’s take a policy example. The theory is that if everyone has guns, there will be fewer shootings because bad people will be afraid of getting shot. Nope, it doesn’t work that way.

St. Louis has lax gun laws and is the murder capital of the US. Civilians can carry a gun in a car in St. Louis without a permit. That’s illegal in Chicago, Detroit, New York and Baltimore — and St. Louis has a much higher murder rate than…

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