Wiccan Series

Part 2 of Fine Tuning Your Psychic Awareness.

Interaction in the human world at times is frustrating and exhausting but unfortunately necessary. So with that mind, it’s important in the development of your psychic powers to find a way to interact without losing one’s mind. As humans we vary drastically, some of us have a keen interest in people whereas others only want to get as far away as possible. I get it. I have my moments as well.
I’ve known people who prefer the planets, and yes it is a fascinating use of psychic powers. However, in reality, the higher a tree grows, the greater roots it needs to flourish. Our connection with people is essential to us same as the roots are to a tree.

Genuine interest in people is what matters. Expand your human contacts, The interest you show may be the beginning of real friendships but it also fosters understanding, compassion and psychic relatedness.

People consciously or not offer opportunities for genuine interaction all the time. Like for instance, someone posts or shares with you in real time a picture of something that matters to them. The opportunity is more than simply saying that’s nice or giving them a heart. It’s the perfect time to share in their life and have a glimpse into their world. It’s a moment of psychic awareness or relatedness in addition to furthering communication by letting people see the genuine warmth inside us we also hone our psychic skills.

Sadly, there are people we need to be wary of. Learning to recognize this will also help you from wasting precious time.

Being a good listener offers many rewards and the greatest joy is seeing a total stranger glow from your simple exchange.

In our desire to expand our psychic awareness we should never let it disturb our inner peace of mind, for any inward conflict will sabotage our achievements. Our psychic powers are part of our natural heritage but sadly we’ve distanced ourselves by using all the electronics we depend on daily.

Tomorrow, I discuss inner peace with you in Part 3 of this post on psychic awareness. Hope this finds you all in a magickally happy place. Blessed be.

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