Wiccan Series

Part 4 Psychic Awareness

Have you ever stood next to someone and feel a powerful, delightful vibration? You feel drawn to them and want to spend more time with them
Have you ever stood next to someone and gotten a chill up your spine or felt repulsed? Oh yeah, too many times.
Can you tell immediately that you like someone or not?
Have you ever felt someone was standing to close and you had moved back instantly without knowing why?
This psychic energy or prana energy is in layman terms our sixth sense. It affects each of us differently. “The sixth sense is another term for extrasensory perception. Extrasensory perception (ESP) involves the reception of information not gained through the recognized senses and not internally originated.”~ Wikipedia. I’ve read books where the author stresses psychic energy and others that stress it is prana energy which is why I’ve noted both. According to Susan Shumsky, “Prana is the power within all things from basic particles to complex life forms. As the finest vital force in everything, prana manifests on the physical plane as motion and on the mental plane as thought. Prana is in the air, yet it is not oxygen or any other physical constituent. All living things absorb prana with every breath.” However, without prana, no organism would exist. Prana is life itself. Our bodies are alive because of prana. This energy is drained by our every thought, word, and deed and continuously replenished as well.
Psychic skills involve sensing or reading energy and then interpreting it without using the physical senses. This awareness is achieved directly from the subject matter and not by telepathy from the mind of another. Sensory details are important because they trigger the unconscious mind.
Learning to fine-tune the way our body and mind process information around us expands our well-being and our witchcraft skills.
For me, my sixth sense has protected me many times in my life. Some people refer to that feeling as a gut feeling but I always say it’s my sixth sense. I trust it instinctively now. Learning to trust the energy you sense will enrich your skills.
I’m sure there are people in this group that are more knowledgeable on prana energy than me and I would love for you to join in on the conversation. How do you use it to enhance your skills?
Blessed be.

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