Letter-c Day 8

I chose Song of Silence as my song choice of the day. In the song, Sounds of Silence one particular line hits home ” in the silence cancer grows”. Yeah, I know. Silence is complicated even in the best of times.

Initially, I felt numb but it’s been ten days now and the numbness has worn off. I’m angry, frustrated and tired of the silence. I try to occupy myself with productive activities until I’m so tired I collapse. Hello darkness, my old friend, let the visions in my overactive brain rest please.



Every evening before bed I’ve been working on this healing shawl. Every stitch is filled with positive energy as I work. In 2005, I was given a lovely pink shawl by a dear friend in Maine that I took with me for all of my chemo treatments. It was really warm and comforting. I remembered the feeling it always provided so I decided to make another one in a lighter yarn using light purple. I’m adding cream and pink with to compliment the light purple. I’m not as skilled as Yolanda, another blogger on WordPress that shows her beautiful work.  I do find crocheting relaxing but my wrist objects if I do it very long.

Today’s goals are to plant Moon flowers to attract bees to my garden. I love the large blossoms and the way the ivy coils around the post as it grows. They look so beautiful in the moonlight, hence their name. I also need to figure out a way to keep the chipmunk out of my planters. I’m not going to murder them like my neighbor… just make my planters more challenging to access. I was hoping the humidity would vanish but that’s not the case.

On Monday, a new month and closer to the tests. Yay!






4 thoughts on “Letter-c Day 8

  1. Your shawl is beautiful. I love that your putting positive thoughts into it. It gives it so much meaning.
    I didn’t know there was another version of that song. Thanks for sharing this version.
    Good luck with your chipmunk! My sis-in-law is dealing with squirrels and rabbits eating up her garden. But she also feeds them because she loves seeing them so I think it’s funny. I don’t have that problem because my dog keeps them out of my garden but then again, my dog messes up my garden trying to get the critters! 😂 My planta are hardy though so they just bounce back. 🙂
    Hang in there and know you’re in my thoughts. ❤️🧡💛💛💚💙

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