Letter-c Day 35

As promised I would share what I’m learning about culinary helpful tools with the letter-c battle. Today, let’s discuss almonds and apples.

As you’ve probably heard almonds are a healthy and a good source of fiber but did you know almonds are also an anti-inflammatory. Eating almonds with their skins increases their antioxidant power. Almonds also help regulate blood sugar if you’re diabetic.

Apples are also an anti-inflammatory. Lab tests indicate apples keep liver, breast and colon cancer cells at bay.

Cancer Fighting Kitchen by Rebecca Katz and Mat Edelson


I was reading one of the mask series on Silver Birch Press by David T. Pennington.  A line in his post really struck a chord with me relative to COVID-19. He hopes our children feel as naked without a mask as we do without clothes. It’s hard to imagine this may be a reality for our children and grandchildren. Their lovely smiles hidden by masks. I know  I can see some of their sparkle in their eyes but it’s just not the same. I’ve noticed meeting people in public right now even socially distanced a sense of awkwardness and discomfort is present. Have you noticed it as well?  Our futures are dependent on the success of a vaccine that will constantly have to change as the virus mutates. And there’s the added fear that it may or will spread to all of the animals, so our food source will be impacted as well. I don’t know about you but I’m scared for our future generations as well as for us.


It’s been years since I updated my bio. Originally, my focus was raising awareness of domestic violence through poetry but over time it has evolved into so much more. Writing is/ will be my primary focus but I think the topics of the Letter-c (cancer), everyday life, crafts, cooking, witchcraft, and book reviews will also be part of my blog. So that’s on today’s agenda.

I have 80 rows of 122 rows on the lower band (rib) of the crochet sweater I’m working on. I was happy to see Michaels is open again, Joann’s should be as well or at least soon. I really want to stock up on my cotton yarn supply so I can make some sweaters for the grandchildren. I’ve made them an abundant supply of scarves and hats that should cover them for a lifetime and more. I can’t sit and watch tv without my hands doing something. I crochet during our critique night in my writing group to reduce my fidgeting.

I’ve made great progress reading diyMFA by Gabriela Pereira. She brings to the reader’s attention how many little things that undermine our writing that I didn’t realize were. I’m guilty of writing in between laundry and cooking. The point she makes is that our mind doesn’t settle into a writing mindset focus so we make more mistakes or are less productive. I’ve been testing that theory this week by setting specific time slots aside. I’m finding I am getting more words on the page. I still have to work on minimizing filter words. Rome wasn’t built in a day, I’ll get there.

I really wanted to go to Maine especially since the one year anniversary of my losing my grandson to be with his Dad. (Johnny died on July 1st, 2019 in a fluke dirt bike accident.) I’m very concerned about the exposure I’ll face by traveling and being in a different place with people that I don’t normally co-exist with on a daily basis. I love my son, we’ve been in hell together with Johnny dying but I can’t throw caution to wind now when so much is at stake with my health. I’m already immune comprised after the previous cancers so my concerns are real with COVID-19.

I have my first face to face with my oncologist who specializes in gastric cancer on July 7th. My cancer was discovered by a gastroenterologist during a endoscopic procedure to remove a bile duct stent.I’m very concerned with all that is at stake with my health that the risk is too high. I love my son dearly but I do have to balance my needs as well as his.

It also brings me to my song choice for today. I would do anything for my spouse, my children, my grandchildren and friends but I won’t put myself in harms way. Love is more than instant gratification.




“And I would do anything for love
I’d run right into hell and back
I would do anything for love
I’d never lie to you and that’s a fact
But I’ll never forget the way you feel right now
Oh no, no way
And I would do anything for love
Oh I would do anything for love
I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that
No, I won’t do that”~ Meatloaf


3 thoughts on “Letter-c Day 35

  1. Normally I like to crochet while watching tv. I feel the same way about not wanting to be idle. It almost makes it so I don’t feel guilt for just sitting and watching tv but I haven’t done much crochet lately. Not sure why but I haven’t been motivated to make anything. That’s okay, though. I’m allowed to take a break from crochet if I want to, even if it feels like I’m missing something.


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