Letter-c Day 38


“We can’t restructure society without restructuring the English language.”

~Ursula K. Le Guin.

I’m not sure either are possible. I haven’t read yet any solid advice on this point but I’m glad the revolution is happening. Writer’s unite.

Cribbage and Breakfast:

I remember the first time I ever played cribbage was forty three years ago. My good friend, Kenny taught me how to play. In the beginning, he went easy on me but then upped the ante by taking the points I missed when counting. It didn’t take me long to get better at counting my points. We shared many cups of coffee while playing cribbage over the years.

I enjoyed playing cribbage so much I couldn’t wait to teach Vic how to play when we began dating. I went easy on him too, although I’ve been tempted to take the points he misses from time to time.  I look forward to playing cribbage with Vic everyday while we enjoy breakfast. My favorite breakfast is coffee, fruit,  a toasted English muffin and yogurt.  The time we share together sets the pace for our day with a bit of fun. Marriages need consistency in my opinion especially in this ever changing chaos.

Crochet, pink, and Johnny:

I’m happy with my color choice of rose and magenta. The cluster crochet looks really nice in the cotton yarn.106172890_10219636319393337_9034360569543773396_n

Although in this picture against my burgundy jeans everything looks purple. I chose these shades of pink because of my grandson Johnny. His favorite color was pink. I’ve been trying to add more pink into my wardrobe to feel closer. I put pink on my healing shawl that I shared earlier,and I made a baby pink infinity scarf and a matching hat. Pink I typically avoided because as a child I was always made to wear it along with my three sisters. I hated being dressed alike and in pink. I was surprised when Johnny said he loved pink. He even got his mom to die his hair pink. His father wasn’t thrilled with his pink hair at the time. I know we would give anything to see him walk into the room wearing pink. 

It’s been a heart wrenching 363 days since you left us. In my email today, there was a reminder from Legacy to add something for the family. It was like I was stabbed. Also another reminder that Facebook will be flooded with memories of you too!


October 15, 2005- July 1, 2019


I was inspired this morning by a window image to write a poem in my melancholy mood. Its posted here. Today’s menu has lots of cancer fighting veggies. Zucchini, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Scallions, Basil, and Oregano. Yummy!

Speaking of culinary let’s continue with our cancer fighting toolkit.

Asparagus is anti-inflammatory with phytochemicals that mimic cox-2 inhibitors. As you probably already know it’s loaded with Vitamin A and K and folic acid. Each of these are strong allies in the defense of cancer.

Avocados are anti-inflammatory, too. Avocados monounsaturated fats and Vitamin E are believed to combat prostrate cancer growth. But there’s an added bonus, the glutathione which is a combination of amino acids removes cancer promoting carcinogens from healthy cells.

Bananas are great as a digestive aid in addition to balancing electrolytes. Bananas have high potassium which our bodies need. Bananas like apples are full of stomach soothing pectin and their fiber cleans the toxins that sneak into our intestinal tract and help with bowel function.

If you’re having a difficult day Lavender is great for anxiety. It can also be use as antiseptic, diuretic, reduces gas and as a sedative. I discuss it more later on. I’m going to relax with my lavender candle and music.

Song of the Day:

Speaking of music I’m going with Little Anthonys Hurts So Bad.  The lyrics were about a guy and girl relationship but some of the lines just feel perfect, they say what I’m feeling inside without you. I

Did I ever tell you about the first time I danced to this song was in 6th grade? It was an awkward experience in gym class. Our gym teacher was teaching us how to dance. 24 students except we had more girls than boys. I danced with a girl, both of us were uncomfortable being paired together and we both had two left feet. Added bonus, we didn’t like each other at all which is why I’m sure the gym teacher put us together.  I stepped on her toes more than she did mine. Gramma still has two left feet.


“I know you
Don’t know what I’m goin’ through
Standing here
Looking at you (flooding facebook memories)
Well, let me tell you that it
(Hurt) Hurts so bad (hurts so bad)
It makes me feel so sad (hurts so bad)
It makes me hurt so bad”







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