letter-c day 41

I wasn’t going to let letter-c creep into my mind today. It’s been 365 days since Johhny was stolen from us all.  Just so we understand each other, cancer you’re nothing more than inconvenience in the grand scheme. It’s not like I’ll let cancer have the power to end my life. My goal is to be a centaurion. I will not settle for anything less. I’ve beeen molested, beaten by parents, beaten by my first husband, verbally abused, and heartbroken with the loss of my grandchildren,   Cancer, nothing you can do to me will ever hurt as much as losing my grandbabies.

Samantha (2005) , Logan, (2008) and Johnny (2019) No one should ever have to bury their babies. No mom should ever see her babies make funeral arrangements for their babies.

My song today is the song played at Johnny’s funeral. He realy liked this song.



It hurts too much.


I hope you find everything you need Johnny where you are.





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