Stream of Consciousness

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS July 11/2020

Hello đź‘‹Goodbye ~Beatles

I don’t why you said goodbye when I said hello.

Is it really that bad you need to leave ? It’s not something we can simply bury in the sand and come back to later. Talk to me.

I need to see what is out there not be smothered, to expand my horizons. The glorious blue sky has no boundaries. Just let me find what I am missing.

Twinkled Despair @

Let me soar

before my stars twinkle out

and my lightning bugs

of inspiration vanish.

You know time matters .

Summer is only in its glory

for a limited time

before human reality diminishes us

to a nine-nine work existence

to pay for our elusive dreams.

Thank you Linda Hill for the stream of consciousness activity.

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