Film that made me want to fall in love or at least think about it day 21


This one I can’t go with just one movie here I’m torn between three movies. You’ve Got Mail, When Harry Met Sally and the Notebook. All of the three had parallels in my life that gave me things to consider.

I’ll begin with Notebook and then go with both of Meg Ryan’s movies. I cried my eyes out with Notebook  for several reasons. One, I just had begun dating after being in a abusive marriage. I didn’t know how special love could be, and after seeing the interaction I hoped I would be loved liked that. I had concerns too about our dating because Vic lived in the city and I was definitely a country girl from Maine. What did I know about life in a city or the corporate world. So I could relate to the social issues of the movie as well. The second reason was because my grandmother had Alzheimer’s and it was like reliving the experience.

When Harry Met Sally, it made me laugh, cry and shake my head at times. I was fortunate to have friends of both genders and yes, there were times if I wondered if sex would ruin it too, like they did. I didn’t tempt fate until Vic and even then I worried that our friendship would suffer. I’m so glad, it didn’t and even happier we’re still best friends as well as husband and wife. Friendship is so important in a relationship, it can’t just be about sex.

You’ve Got Mail  reminds me so much of Vic and my beginning. We met in a chat room on yahoo. We were both in a writing group. He downloaded one of my stories and edited it with revision tracking and sent it back to me with a note offering to help me with my writing. Initially, I was furious. Very much like our characters Joe and Kathleen in the story. Their conversations in the chat grew into so much more just like Vic and mine.

“As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.”~ John Green

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