letter-c day 62, rules and more


Esther says, It’s Thursday and our new five-word challenge is here. Last week, she wanted to know about our MONEY. This week, she wants to know what we think about RULES. So can we tell a story in five words, using the word RULES in it somewhere?

No rules, that’s wicked cool.

Only a fool follows rules.

Rules invite resistance, my dear.

If only I did rule.


As a baby boomer in my youth, I pushed the rules and advocated for a new norm because it was in my nature to be contrary but unfortunately us baby boomers got lazy, distracted …. complacent and things are a frigging mess. Looking at our world today, I’m hopeful that the millennial’s advocate hard for a new norm as well because to quote George Carlin, “The planet will be fine but the human race is fucked.” We are. Change requires us adhering to different rules, not clinging to what no longer works. Look around us, glaciers are melting, the air is difficult to breathe, plants and animals are dying because of our behavior.  COVID-19 has us all in crisis mode. Yes, there are letter-c’s creeping into this entry too, c’s that aren’t cancer but equally as dangerous.  Choices aren’t by chance, they’re all around us for to consider and possibly connect. You’re reading my blog and hopefully not by coincidence but that my contemplation conveys information for you beyond culinary consumption.

“You can spend all day trying to think of some universal truth to set down on paper, and some poets try that. Shakespeare knew that it’s much easier to string together some words beginning with the same letter.” ― Mark Forsyth

“And they always slept better with blades beneath their beds.”- Cinda Williams Chima

“Billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles!”― Hergé 

Or is the counterpoint true.

“Alliteration seems to offend people.” ― Dean Koontz

Is it true that only poet’s enjoy alliteration? I’m inclined to think we have a stronger awareness than some writers or readers but I’m open to discussion my fellow bloggers. Is alliteration enjoyable or offensive?

Well, if I haven’t convulsed , chafed or crossed you with all the c’s let me give you Alice Cooper’s Caffeine….  Coffee the nectar of the Gods 🙂 ahhhh

“Welcome to my nightmare
I think you’re gonna like it
I think you’re gonna feel you belong.
A nocturnal vacation, unnecessary sedation,
You want to feel at home ’cause you belong
Welcome to my nightmare whoa, ho, ho, ho
Welcome to my breakdown
I hope I didn’t scare you
That’s just the way we are when we come down
We sweat and laugh and scream here
‘Cause life is just a dream here
You know inside you feel right at home, here
Yeah, welcome to my nightmare yeah, hey, hey, hey
Welcome to my nightmare
I think you’re gonna like it
I think you’re gonna feel you belong
We sweat and laugh and scream here
‘Cause life is just a dream here
You know inside you feel right at home, here
Welcome to my nightmare
Hoo, hoo, woo, hoo
Welcome to my breakdown
Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Keith Nelson / Alice Cooper / Robert Alan Ezrin / Tommy Henriksen
Caffeine lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner Chappell Music, Inc, Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Chappell Music Inc
Yup, I can be comedic at times.  But then to Esther’s point about rules,
Rules need to be broke!


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