letter c day 67 and migraine hell

Today, was my monthly excursion to Jefferson Headache Center for my nerve block. I have a nerve block every month in addition to the Botox injections I have every three months to control these migraines. Without them and the medication  lasmiditan I take daily for the auras I wouldn’t be functional. When the aura begins it’s wavy lines  which then leads to extreme sensitivity to light and noise and sometimes smells, my balance is off and I get very nauseous. Usually, within an hour of the wavy lines my migraine skyrockets to a 10 on a 1-10 scale. Once they’re there its difficult for me to form words, because its like I’m having a stroke. So I stay on top of my meds, take naps daily to minimize the sensory overload and wear the prism glasses which really do help. All of this began with something as stupid as a fall on ice. The occiptal nerve cluster hasn’t been the same since. So frustrating!

Anyway, the trip to Philadelphia and back is exhausting because the motion of the car plays havoc on my senses. I can’t look out a window. So this day ended up with a nap after and then time kinda slipped away and I accomplished nothing I intended to do. No writing in the vignettes, nor I read in the diyMFA book. Although, the highlights of the day were a good conversation with a friend and the writing group meeting. I couldn’t linger after though with this heat wave I’m watering my garden every night.

I don’ t think I remembered to tell you what was happening with my kale. I couldn’t see them until they got bigger. My kale was being devoured my cabbage worms. I picked like 30 off my plants. I treated my plants again with vinegar and dish soap, hopefully between the handpicking and the treatment they’ll be gone. I don’t believe the kale is salvageable but my Swiss chard and beet greens are looking mighty fine. I’d hate to lose them too.


Which makes me think of a song I heard awhile back, it’s like the cabbage worm… annoying…. so if I’m going to be tortured. Misery loves company.

I’m looking forward to the virtual continent hopping trip I’m leading on WDC. There are location inspired prompts with links for everyone to see to help them actually experience the locations. Everyone blogs about what appealed to them whether it be the sights, the food available or the culture. People respond and the conversations add to the experience. It’s a great distraction for me so I won’t be dwelling on the tests and the doctor appointments upcoming.

Anyway, I’m glad you stopped by. Sorry I don’t have any great news or poetry to share.

Blessed be.


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