Virtual Continent Hopping Day 6

30 day: You have choices once we land in Katherine. Discuss what you discovered and enjoyed from the links.Include your fellow bloggers to help inspire interaction.…

My response: I want to say sorry about the links when I created this challenge they all worked. I will double check every night from now on before sending the prompts out. There’s always something when it comes to the internet.

We were told by the guide that Katherine Gorge was spectacular but that’s an understatement. My mind immediately imagined stories looking at the gorge’s steep walls. What if we had decided to a rope climbing challenge or what if we had tried hang gliding , the possibilities and the dangers would fill pages.
I’m a morning person so I opted for the sunrise cruise, the colors were over the top amazing. Who knew there could be so many shades of reds, mauves, and gold reflected along the gorge walls. It was like being inside of a kaleidoscope for me.

Edith Falls is definitely in my picture, those small showers on the train and restricted water usage have left me still feeling grungy after being at the Opal Mines yesterday. I can’t wait to go swimming and totally immerse myself in the water.

By the way, just in case you’re wondering no one has suspected our involvement in the heist. I still can’t believe we were conned by those crooks. We helped them pull it off by being so trusting. So much for being street savvy. I was so glad no one pointed fingers last night. I was pleased Carly and Willie agreed silence was in our favor right now. I couldn’t help but wonder if we did go to the police would those men come after us. They had no qualms about shooting the real Uwe. Needless to say I didn’t sleep well, my conscience was playing devil’s advocate.

BCoF There are beautiful pictures in the links, your prompt is to pick one and write a poem or a story about that location. Be creative.………

alternative option is to write about the average Australian cuisine. How does it differ from our norm.
My response was to write a limerick and then answer the second part of the prompt/

My Grandpa said I would want to stay
once I commit to Katherine’s way
Nope, I have things to do
He handed me a chew
and shook my hand, you’ll be back someday

Average Australian cuisine of kangaroo, emu and snakes isn’t appealing to me but then neither is sushi, alligator or snake and we have that as specialty dishes on our menu.  I did find ANZAC biscuits which are crunchy cookies made of rolled oats, golden syrup and desiccated coconut quite good. Also the meat pies and sausage pies really tasty but thankfully they didn’t indicate what meat was involved. Yeah, I know ignorance isn’t bliss but when it comes to my tummy I would rather not know. I’ve noticed how popular shrimp is here but I can’t do shrimp, I have a severe iodine allergy which also makes me more consciously aware of food content. Cross contamination is dangerous for me.

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