Virtual Continent Hopping

It’s a good thing we’re virtual travelers because in real time no international travelers are allowed in Darwin because of COVID-19.

Our hotel is Vibe Hotel on the Darwin Waterfront.……

Have fun exploring and share with us what appealed and what didn’t. Don’t overdo because the BCoF members are going to cover the night life…

I don’t know about you but I’m happy to have lots of hot water in a shower that I can extend my arms outward and a queen size bed. The Ghan train was a lot of fun but did have its shortcomings like unlimited hot water and a large bed but everything else about it was cool and did give us some amazing views.

I can’t get over the pools they’re amazing. I know I should have gone to bed after my long shower but I just had to go try one of the pools. I chose the narrow pool because it was right next to the hot tub which had my name all over it too!

Once I did hit the sack I slept into 8am which is late for me. Breakfast overlooking the pool and ocean in the distance was phenomenal. I opted for the Darwin walking tour to get the insiders perspective to the city and to stretch my legs, we’ll be flying soon. The views from Bicentennial Park were amazing. I took lots of pictures. I did take a sharp intake when I saw some of the rock colors, guess I’ll stop being nervous once we get to the next continent. Phew, crime isn’t my cup of tea. It’s too stressful. Willie and Sandy  are right I am worried. I need my tour guide income, these are difficult times to be working in the travel industry.

Crocosaurus Cove was quite interesting, that’s the closest I’ve ever been to a crocodile. I hung around for moral support for Willie she went into the cage to get a closer view. I passed,  I’m definitely not comfortable with being that close.  Sandy, Annie, Carly, Nita, and Jill joined me in watching but then Carly decided to join Willie in the water. I decided that I would just dangle my toes in the baby croc area and relax. I can’t wait to see what adventures BCoF is going to take us on tonight.

I glanced at my watch and decided a dip in the bigger pool had my name on it before dressing for the night out.

BCoF you’re writing about the night life options, make it entertaining because the 30 day people are seeking your opinion on how to spend their night exploring Darwin.………

The food at the Stone House Wine and Bar was amazing. I really enjoyed their take on antipasto with the bread sampler and I followed that with a seafood chowder. I could easily gone back to the hotel after that because I felt sated but I knew the ladies worked hard putting the evening’s entertainment together.

So we’re off to the  Darwin Entertainment Ctr. Oh my goodness talk about scoring big time, Keith Urban was playing there. So we got a bit of country Aussie style. He plays different than he does when he’s state side.

The Throb Nightclub lived up to its hype. It was fun especially with open-minded people letting their hair down. The entertainment acts were really good. I never saw myself as a karaoke girl but when I was asked to join in I shrugged but then changed my mind. Why the hell not?  So I looked at one face and sang along to Tracy Chapman’s Give Me One Good Reason. That one face to face made it easier and before long I was doing it a lone. I got the girls to join in a couple of songs. When we did Shania Twain’s I Feel Like A Woman a lot of the cross-dressers that frequent this club joined us. Wicked cool.

I’m so glad I went with the evening’s plan, I enjoyed myself so much. Lying in bed, I wrote it all down in my journal. I put five stars at the top of the page.

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