Virtual Continent Hopping Day 10 — Pak Chong, Thailand

30 day prompt: Hard to believe, we’ve been traveling ten days already.…

This is the hotel we’re staying at in Pak Chong, Thailand

The Bonanza Exotic Zoo (BEZ), Opened in December 2013, Set in a green hill environment offers the opportunity to attraction experience and wilderness is sure to delight you.……

We’re going to have a picnic by the falls this afternoon. And spend some quality time together. Give a
brief summation of the last ten days including today’s your entry today.

My response: I felt the need for some quiet time so instead of wandering around I went directly to the Haew Suwat Waterfall so I could meditate. Reflection is good for the soul. I was surprised to see the field of sunflowers. I decided to look for a path to them. Not such a good idea, a dang snake decided to charge at me. Thankfully, one of the locals kicked it aside. Geez it was a huge Copperhead Rat Snake, apparently they’re found throughout Thailand. The local said these snakes hang out in wooded areas, as well as cultivated land, villages and towns and live at ground level. They are active mostly during the day and sometimes at twilight and at night. Usually,this fast snake flees if it sense danger. If they are cornered, they show typical defensive behavior in that they shape their body into a double S and snap at their opponent. I didn’t think I was threatening but apparently with my walking stick he disagreed. Thank goodness it’s not a venomous snake.

I think I’ll go back to the falls, and check out the caves. Hopefully, there won’t be anymore snakes hanging around. I took lots of pictures of the falls, the mushrooms, and some interesting looking birds. I should have paid more attention to their squawking because a macaques stole my water bottle that was stuffed in my back pocket. GRRR. Now, I’ll have to wait to the group gathers at noon when the guide delivers our picnic lunch. Well, at least I got lots of pictures.

BCoF: Prompt: Pick one of these fun places and write about it. Experience Thailand With These 10 Things To Do In Pak Chong! – Updated 2020

My response: I didn’t realize we were that close to the Sunflower farm, now I know the name of the place where the Copperhead Rat Snake was. Apparently, the Saraburi Sunflower Field remains yellow during November to January, in the season of sunflowers.

Once we all gather I’m going to suggest the Night Market. The guy who rescued me from the snake highly recommended it. Apparently, this city was originally known for its markets. The night market of Pak Chong showcases mouthwatering street food along with the desserts, delicious BBQ dishes. He assured me each of the markets of this town have a separate flavor that cannot be expressed in words. I don’t know about you but I’m always into sampling food.

I chuckled reading the different blog entries especially Carly’s and Sandra’s concern about my feet. I’m still glad I tried it because my feet feel amazing and look so nice. No dead skin, or calluses visible anywhere. I guess, I should have told them about going to the lake and sitting on the bridge abutment while the sunflower fish nibbled away on my feet. I already knew how good fish make your feet feel.. But I understood their concern because there had been some negative reviews but there had also been some awesome ones. Some risks pay off, some don’t.  I’m glad mine did.
It makes me feel good to read the difference responses. We’ve learned a lot together on the three continents thus far. Personally, I’m relieved we didn’t get hung up with the whole opal heist adventure. I want to thank Blue, Judy, Anne, Carly, Nina, Sandy, Willy, and Karry for engaging in each other’s blogs to make this virtual experience more engaging. I really wish Nick and Chuckles had more free time to join us. I totally get Ellie not wanting to leave New Zealand, looks like they’ve won the safest place in the world when it comes to covid. Though, I will admit I”ve been impressed reading the precautions the different hotels and restaurants have posted for traveler awareness.


“…food is almost certainly the best way to learn about Thailand. I was both overwhelmed by and obsessed with Thailand’s cuisine, but I also found food a way to improve my language skills, meet people, and learn about the culture.”- Austin Bush, The Food of Northern Thailand: A cookbook

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