Virtual Continent Hopping, Agra India, letter-c update

We’re staying at the Grand Imperial while we’re in Agra, India…

30 day:…

Everyone says this is the gem of India, what are your thoughts?

We’re dining at Tea’se Me a recoomended place to see Agra at night from the roof top restaurant.…
India borders seven countries. I knew it was large, I just didn’t think about the borders until now. My second thought is there’s a lot of huge buildings that once were castles or monasteries that are now tourist traps but there’s a voice in me that asks how could anyone build such a huge monstrosity while everyone lived in poverty around you. There’s no mistaking the reality of their caste system.
“The Taj Mahal is an ivory-white marble mausoleum on the southern bank of the river Yamuna in the Indian city of Agra. It was commissioned in 1632 by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan (reigned from 1628 to 1658) to house the tomb of his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal; it also houses the tomb of Shah Jahan himself. “~ Wikipeida. All I can say looking at the huge building, I felt angry. I can’t believe the arrogance of the emperor.
Looking at it from an art perspective, it has exceptional architectural aspects because the Taj Mahal incorporated and expands on design traditions of Persian and earlier Mughal designs. I was fascinated with the outside exterior decorations of the Taj Mahal. They are among the finest in Mughal architecture. “As the surface area changes, the decorations are refined proportionally. The decorative elements were created by applying paint, stucco, stone inlays or carvings. In line with the Islamic prohibition against the use of anthropomorphic forms, the decorative elements can be grouped into either calligraphy, abstract forms or vegetative motifs. Throughout the complex are passages from the Qur’an that comprise some of the decorative elements. Recent scholarship suggests that Amanat Khan chose the passages”~ Wikipedia

I have to admit it was worth seeing but my tummy says time to move on.

I’m quite hungry after yesterday’s procedure. Many of you were unaware that since January I’ve had issues initially with the gallbladder, that was removed but the problems continued and a second procedure was done this time by an endoscope which discovered a gall stone blockage. They put a stent in hoping to allow the bile duct to heal because it was inflamed. They removed the stent 6 weeks later but the bile duct was still inflamed. They cleared the sludge and sent it for a biopsy. This came back cancerous. I had all the tests for the pancreas because pancreatic cancer runs in my family history. No mass in the pancreas or liver just the area in the bile duct. Yesterday, they removed that section of my bile duct that was cancerous and since was going to be under anesthesia recheck my esophagus ( I had cancer there already back in 2000) and do a colonoscopy too. So yeah, yesterday was a fun day. I will be under observation for quite some time but at least it is gone from my body. At least the doctor believes he successfully removed it all.

I had more energy yesterday than I do today. It is what it is. So I’m going to focus on some good food. My fellow bloggers mentioned a few chicken dishes … I wonder if they’re spicy I have to go easy right now.

Tea’ se Me odd name but we didn’t come for the name. I chose this location because it was near to the Taj Mahal and our stragglers could catch up easily. All the food was amazing, I ordered dal, tikka massala, naan and a few other items to share with the group. I decided to have a bottle of seltzer water. I so apologize for the burping. I didn’t expect to have left over gas after all the walking we did.

BCoF.. discuss the different types of entertainment that are popular in India. Is it different than what we’re used to and why? Would this type of entertainment work in the U.S. or the U.K. or where our friend Petra lives?

Wow, India has 22 recognized language and some of literature written is considered to be oldest in the world. With that said I noticed interesting music so I wandered outside. On my goodness there were people gathered aound listening to what I was told a Carnatic music concert. I hope my fellow bloggers hear this. It’s so busy here I’m having trouble finding their faces. I don’t want to yell out Petra, Sandra, Carly, Neva, Blue, and Judith where are you?

I don’t see people gathering like this in many parts of the states. Though I may be wrong. We have so many ignorant people that want all foreigners sent home. The music is very soothing to me and definitely different than my usual exposure. I’m a very eclectic listener and would add this to my collection in a heartbeat. I’m sure where Petra lives they would be more open than here in the states under this leadership that has encouraged the maggots to surface from the cracks. Knowing by what he has shown thus far, he would send his henchmen if people were gathered peacefully as he has done with #blacklives matter.

A beautiful group of young women began dancing what we were told is classical Indian dance. They seem to float in the air, their body movements are mesmerizing to watch with the lovely silks swaying.

The second act was examples of the Indian folk dances. Very interesting performance. They’re barefoot yet they bounced effortlessly across the floor.

Phew, I’m really tired even after taking three naps today. I just don’t have any energy.

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