Virtual Continent Hopping – Cairo

We’re staying at Heliopolis Towers Hotel. I’m hoping for some pool time after we check out the pyramids.…
30 day

we’re doing the 8 hour private tour and riding a camel..woohoo. Let’s hear what caught your attention? Talk about what you saw and learned about the pyramids or the artifacts or the crafts.…

Experience Cairo’s very best on a private, full-day tour that takes in ancient sites, artifacts, and a bustling bazaar. Ride a camel through the sand beside the soaring pyramids at Giza and go toe-to-toe with the enigmatic Sphinx. Pause for lunch before visiting the Egyptian Museum and explore the stunning collection of artifacts, mummies and royal treasures with your guide. Then continue to the Khan el Khalili bazaar to browse vibrant displays of fabrics, handicrafts, and antiques.

We’ll be dining at the hotel.

I’m happy we’re only on the camel a half hour, my last experience on a camel I felt like I was jostled on the camel’s back and couldn’t find a comfortable position for my back. I was happy the camels were trained to lower themselves it made it so much easier than my other experience where there was steps but then you had to pull up and swing your leg over while being quite a ways off the ground. I felt safer not being on the block stand. With that said, camels don’t smell nice either especially when its warm. But once I saw the pyramids I was distracted by the structures I totally forgot the camel’s odor.

Looking at the pyramids I am in awe of the size and the actual structure. Why would anyone want to build such intimidating structures to house their dead. In the video the narrator said, the pyramids were actually the first skyscrapers of history. The structure was 481 feet high, with each side is 755 feet, the accuracy is within 2 inches. That in itself is amazing but then you consider that there is two million blocks estimated to weigh six million tons or approximately sixteen Empire State buildings. Crazy huh?

I loved seeing the different artifacts but when we arrived at the bazaar it was like we stepped into a whole different world. The creative genuis of the craftsman, the food samples even the conversations we overheard were incredible. The words spiraled so fast I couldn’t process half of it especially when the haggling took place.

Neva’s BCoF Prompt: Check out Fifteen best things to do in Cairo… pick one, and write a story or a poem about it.

I chose walking along the Nile River until I met this interesting character with a huge basket and a sign hanging beside it. Did you ever wonder about the story of Cleopatra’s snake? Foolish me I stepped closer. I greeted the man as recommended when you approach any individual or a group of people for the first time, the best thing to say is the local variation of the Islamic form of greeting “Es-Salāmu-`Alēku” which literally means “Peace be upon you”. This is the most common form of saying “hello” to anybody. But then I heard…

Cleopatra’s basket with a snake
Rattles and shakes hoping for a break
my neck recoils in fear
I’m not happy it’s near
reality check, it’s not a fake *Rolling*©

A snake slithered up and I ran… I don’t think he cares if I say goodbye.

Lyn’s BCoF: What is Cairo known for? In the video, it discussed typical etiquette protocol..
What did you think of the etiquette discussion versus what we’re used too before COVID-19 changed things?

What did you like looking at the pictures of thet Nomad Galleries?…

I was too tired to really enjoy the art hopefully before we depart tomorrow I’ll have a chance but knowing our crazy tour guide probably not.,Coptic%20sit…

Since covid-19 shaking hands seems to be avoided, which works just fine for me. I never was comfortable with touching other people’s hands. I’ve always been a bit phobic shaking a man or a woman’s hand because of what I’ve seen in public restrooms and the lack of hand washing that occurs. Hopefully, people are more conscious or at least more concerned about germs.

I have to admit it is so nice not to have hear discussions about politics here. Social etiquette says not to engage in conversation hence no difficulties or offense given. We already were warned about public displays of affection since we’ve been in Asia so this was no surprise. It’s fine, I’m good with waiting to hug my hubby once we’re back in the privacy of the hotel after a hot shower and we’re both clean. I’m definitely glad I wore the light clothing but I’m still warm. I’m not doing well in this hot and arid climate.

Overall, the social guidelines to me were reasonable. A simple bowed head acknowledging another’s presence is reasonable. I’m not always sure here in the States that when you join a group or a conversation your presence is acknowledged especially as a woman. And I swear if I hear one more thing about that orangutan posing as a president I’m going to puke so I would be quite happy knowing parts of my day would free of political commentary.

“There is neither water nor air here, its depth is unfathomable, it is as dark as the darkest night, and men wander about here helplessly. A man cannot live here and be satisfied, and he cannot gratify the cravings of affection” ― E.A. Wallis Budge, The Egyptian Book of the Dead


“May I look upon my soul and my shadow?”
― Anonymous, The Egyptian Book of the Dead


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