Elegy attempt # 2

Pained Reality©

I caught myself in the mirror, totally unaware

yet I hardly recognized this stranger staring back at me

In a glimpse showed I was in desperate need of repair

But my deeply installed manners say, don’t judge what I see.


Maybe if I blink, her image will vanish until tomorrow

And with that brief reprieve, that which struck her core

Will be undone and free her from such horrific sorrow.

And once again, there will be the woman impossible to ignore.


This Ellegy discusses what it’s like  being unable to grieve



4 thoughts on “Elegy attempt # 2

  1. Another beautiful and moving response, thank you so much Lyn. Sometimes we can’t express grief but it expresses itself in our appearance, we can’t hide it. I hope this writing helps you to express some of that grief and gives you some release.

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