#FDDA 19

Today’s theme is “hate.” Hate is a strong word, but I have no doubt that there is something or someone each of us hates. Is it a person? Food? Some aspect of society? Your job? Share a story, a poem, a photo, a drawing, some music, or whatever you wish to share about hate.


I’m not particularly fond of the word hate but there are occasions it fits the situation perfectly. I apologize ahead of the time, this post has become a rant unintentionally but I did end it with a good song. 🙂

As some of you know I’m not a Trump supporter, I detest the man. I have absolutely no use for liars and he has been proven time after time of not telling the truth.

But I have to take this discussion further, I am extremely disappointed in our government overall. When this country was founded it was about freedom from oppression (taxation and religion). Religion hasn’t become oppressive but taxation has.

We live in a town house on a quarter of acre of land. In Lawrenceville the taxes are 10,000 plus dollars. It’s a nice looking house but seriously in a town house that is attached to three other houses. In 14 years the taxes have doubled with no major external or internal improvements.  I wish I could say we fancy sidewalks, street lights or even a park within walking distance. I detest what the local and state governments have done to the residents of New Jersey. It’s a ludicrous burden on top of a mortgage.

I took a break with Vic for a few minutes while I was writing and one more thing came to mind that irritates the heck out of me is the price gouging in the medical industry. Like for instance, advair which is an inhaler. With Vic’s insurance it costs 50.00 after the insurance pays their part. On my insurance the same inhaler costs 203.00 after the insurance pays their part. I checked to see what the goodrx  price was an discovered it was 313.00 dollars. I checked to see what a friend of mine pays for hers that lives in Canada and she pays 49.00 without any insurance contribution. One damn pharmaceutical makes the inhaler.

Same thing when it came to my Botox injections for my migraines which was the deciding factor on my insurance company was it cost me 102.00 versus what Blue Cross wanted which 1935.00 dollars, yup you read it right 1935.00. Same damn drug.

Needless to say since I am fortunate not to have to use the inhaler everyday only as needed which comes down to when it rains and things get wet. I’m really allergic to mold. I have a rescue inhaler for a whopping 30.00 and benadryl to get me through. Instead of having a 203.00 price inhaler that I might use 5 times in a year. Vic and I couldn’t even share because my dosage is lower.

We need to go to a system like the Netherlands or Brazil, everyone is covered without the insurance companies or doctors making a fortune at our expense.


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