Virtual Continent Hopping, Final day in Lesotho

Blog City Prompt: What does it mean to be a good neighbor?

Megan, one of the reasons, my neighbors think I’m a great neighbor because I bake a lot. *Rolling*  For me, it’s hard to make portions for two people, and I really don’t want to deprive my husband of the baked goods he enjoys so much, but nor do I want all the calories hanging around. So I send some to two of the families near us. It’s a win situation for us all. I share garden produce, because sometimes it just ripens all at once. For me it’s simply a matter of treating other people the way I want to be treated with kindness and generosity of one’s talents. I don’t get in their business and try not to be noisy. I always let them know when I’m throwing my annual Halloween costume party so they aren’t surprised by all the extra cars and strange looking people wandering around.

30 day Final segment of our excursion in Lesotho
Thank goodness we were rescued in the middle of the night, we got a little sleep, change of clothes and breakfast.
Semonkong to Underberg
After breakfast, we either hike to or take a 4×4 drive to the Maletsunyane Falls. The weather determines whether we drive or hike. Depart the Lesotho Highlands via passes that enter South Africa at Qacha’s Nek. We snake our way through the last remote villages of Lesotho. We cross the Senqu river again – which we first saw on Day 1 and then follow it along the Senqu River valleys toward the border town of Qachas Nek. Once back in South Africa we travel through to the small town of Matatiele. From Matatiele we skirt alongside the Drakensberg mountains and return to Underberg along scenic back roads, returning usually around 15:00-16:00. (3-4 pm)

Discuss what you’ve seen today. Impress us with your observation skills.

I don’t know how I missed this one detail, Lesotho is completely landlocked inside South Africa. The views are incredible but I have to admit I was terrified once we began the abseil down the large cliff next to the fall. Petra, Blue, and Sandy volunteered to go first but that didn’t help my stomach one iota. It was doing somersaults. I didn’t think this part of the trip through, I hate heights. Alright, I’m done whining, I just focused straight ahead and let my foot find the next footing. It’s beyond words, how raw the beauty is around us. Even the monkeys were curious about the crazy humans.

Qacha’s Nek is home to Lesotho’s  Snake Park It’s located at the foot of the historic Letloepe hill/rock formation. This is where the cave of Qacha, the son of the Baphuthi chief Moorosi, after whom the town is named, is situated.  Letloepe means the cobra’s defensive hood, some people say it’s the alternative name for Qacha’s Nek. This sleepy border town has an attractive church, the quirky snake park and an interesting variety of colonial-era sandstone buildings, plus groves of California redwood trees.

I noted one oddity, that I can’t wait to research is how did California’s Redwood trees get here. Well I learned  presently redwoods grow only one place on Earth – right on the Pacific coast, from Big Sur to southern Oregon. But earlier in the Earth’s history, redwoods actually had a much wider range, including western North America and the coasts of Europe and Asia. But the redwoods we’re seeing are approximately 50 years old. But I didn’t find a link confirming it was a tree planting mission but it may have been because redwoods are noted for their ability to consume carbon monoxide. Plus it’s helpful in another way, because so many of the redwoods are at risk in California with the wildfires and droughts. I’m all in favor of saving every tree possible.

BCoF Your tour guide isn’t up to par so your’re planning the activities for Durhan’s late afternoon and night time.…

Check out the restaurants and tell us which one you prefer and why:…


don’t worry we have hotel reservations at:…

I can’t complain our lodging has been interesting since we arrived in Lesotho that this one seems boring with the exception of the pool and the crashing waves of the ocean. I’m really happy my room borders the ocean side. I’m going to leave the window open hopefully the salty smell will drift into the room. I quickly hopped in the shower before joining the crew for a visit to the Durban Botanical Gardens. Breathtaking displays along brick walk paths even an interesting group of  wooden reindeer and sleigh. I chuckled at the antics of the monkeys in the trees and the lizards that popped up from time to time. This day’s adventure has sure made me hungry. I’m so happy I left it in the hands of the BCoF bloggers.

4.5 out of 5 on Tripadvisor, I think we’re in for an enjoyable feast. All the fresh air has made me quite hungry and the Jichana steak with steamed fresh market vegetables looked incredible when the waiter passed by our table. I didn’t finish looking at the menu, because the aroma was mouthwatering. The steaks are specially selected Karan Beef from Heidelberg. The meaning of Jichana is eating good in Swahili and it was. I ordered the baked lemon tart with a cup of coffee while we talked about the day. I’m going to miss the impromptu concerts we’ve enjoyed.

“Now more than ever do I realize that I will never be content with a sedentary life, that I will always be haunted by thoughts of a sun-drenched elsewhere.” ― Isabelle Eberhardt

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